Holy Spirit Pt 1- Walking in the Spirit
June 2, 2019
Discipleship Training Program
June 11, 2019

Holy Spirit Pt 2 – Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

🌍❤ ..Last Sunday Pastor Daniel Glymin blessed Elim family with a wonderful word from God. We continued our sermon series on the Holy Spirit with a message titled ” Be filled with the Holy Spirit”. He highlighted that that day was the day of Pentecost, the birth of the new testament church when the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 believers in the upper room (Acts 1).

Back in John 14:15-19 Jesus talks about asking God to send us a Counsellor after his death, the divine Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.

The Holy Spirit is our companion and he is with us all the time. Jesus said he will not leave us as orphans. The Holy Spirit lives in us so we can have fellowship with Him.

God’s priority is our relationship with Him and it should be our priority too; this should be our hearts cry, to walk more closely to the Holy Spirit because it is He who reveals the person of Jesus to us.

The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples to empower them to go out to be His witnesses. Jesus asked them to WAIT. We must wait on the Holy Spirit. But how do we wait? We must wait in PRAYER!

The Holy Spirit is who makes the difference in our lives as God’s children! We need the Holy Spirit to live a life that glorifies God and to walk in victory!