Holy Spirit Pt 4 – Gifts of the Holy Spirit
June 23, 2019
Holy Spirit Pt 6 – Freedom We Have Received
July 7, 2019

Holy Spirit Pt 5 – Encountering The Holy Spirit

At Elim last Sunday, we had a wonderful guest speaker in the person of Pastor Felix Arthur.

His message was titled “Encountering the Holy Spirit” from our sermon series on the Holy Spirit.

The word encounter means to contend with an enemy or opponent. However, in our relationship with God, we contend with/encounter the Holy Spirit as a partner and companion (Genesis 32:24-29).

The Holy Spirit is gentle and not forceful. He will wait patiently for us until we are ready to take initiative in whatever area in our lives and then he steps in for a great encounter. We must avail ourselves to Him to have an encounter with Him.

God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3), and that divine power is the Holy Spirit. To encounter the Holy Spirit we must fellowship with Him and we will become new people like Jacob did when he encountered the Lord.

We fellowship with the Holy Spirit in prayer, in the word and in service to Him.

Psalm 105:4 tells us to seek Him continually…Amen!