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July 21, 2019
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August 4, 2019

Building Your Heavenly Investment Portfolio

Building your Heavenly Investment Portfolio – Luke 12:13-23, Matthew 6:9-20

Pastor Glymin nicely portrayed how people often work towards self-sufficiency and self-acclaim instead of investing in permanent values.

The rich man acquired his riches by hard work and was content to build new barns to store all the grain from his bumper harvest, taking it to be a surety for his future. He died the same day he made that decision.

The question is, what inheritance do you have in heaven?
The key problem is that people are not content with what they have/are/do. They are greedy, place too much value on what they look like or have. It’s all about “I and myself”. God calls people who depend on themselves and neglect the God-factor “fools”.

You cannot call somebody “Lord” without surrendering ALL of yourself under Him, your life, business, house, wealth, etc. Any of these can be lost within just one day. Your investment must be elsewhere.
As Christians, whatever we have should be seen as having stewardship over it.

Are we placing investments in heaven? (e.g. by paying for training of missionaries whose fruits cannot be measured in terms of money or by investing our time, gifting, resources). There is no credit without deposit (Philippians 4:15-20).

May this inspiring message bless you.