Holy Ghost Fire in Us
August 11, 2019
Keep The Fire Burning Pt 3 – Fire Extinguishers
August 25, 2019

Keep The Fire Burning Pt 2 – Strange Fire

In the series on “Keep The Fire Burning”, Pastor Gaby preached today about “Strange Fire” (Leviticus 10:1).

Whilst everyone worshiped God with their faces bowed down to the floor, the sons of Aaron burnt a fire in the temple which was not authorized by God, despite the fact that they were among the privileged few who had been given the grace to see God (Exodus 24:1, 9-10). As a result of not honoring God’s holiness, God sent His fire to kill them (Leviticus 10:2-3).

The attitude of Nadab and Abihu is affecting the generations today. They don’t respect God as who He is. Aside from being good, our Father, Friend and Savior, and being Love, He also is holy (Isaiah 6:1-7). The name of Jesus has become like a doormat in our days because of the way it is abused, e.g. to claim cars and all kind of riches, and for a “fast way out”. When as a result people don’t get an immediate solution for their problems, many move away from God and seek answers from fetish priests, mallams, or in their own power.

It is necessary to change our lifestyle. Whatever doesn’t match with the Bible doesn’t please God. We need to focus on the fact that God is holy and stop living anyhow, playing with God. He needs to be honored with everything we are and have.

God is holy and He has called you to be holy too. (1 Peter 1:15-16)