Breaking Free Pt 4 – A Mind Set Free
October 6, 2019
Beautiful Indeed
October 20, 2019

God of the Supernatural

On Sunday (Oct 13th), Pastor Daniel Glymin preached about “The God of the Supernatural”.

He defined the word “supernatural” as something defying the rules of nature, and something invisible to human perception but yet present. It is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit (John 16:14) .

The Bible first records miracles which God did (Deuteronomy 8:3-4; Exodus 14:21-22), then, miracles done by men (2 Kings 2:8; 6:4-7). The New Testament narrates miracles that Jesus did (John. 2:1-11; 9:1-12). It is noteworthy that Jesus, when He was on earth, came as man, not as God. Again, Jesus delivers working of miracles to men (John 14:12)

The Bible tells us that we are able to do “greater things than Jesus did”. This should be seen in the context that although nobody could exceed in quality what Jesus did, we can exceed in quantity. He was only one single person working miracles. Since He has commissioned working of miracles to us, there are many people who can now do what He did.

In Acts 1:8 we read that we do not only witness to unbelievers by mouth but also in a very practical way for them to see. Some people who are reluctant to believe a word may convert when they see proof that the word became manifest. The supernatural confirms the preaching of the Gospel (Mark 16:20; Acts 13:6-12)

Despite the knowledge of all this, the church has remained in the realm of the natural. Believers must set their minds free. The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every believer, not only to pastors or priests (1Cor. 12:7). Pastor Glymin also cautioned that not every spiritual manifestation is from God. Believers, therefore, need to be discerning.

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