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December 8, 2019
Moving Deeper Into The Spirit
December 22, 2019

Show Us Your Glory

Pastor Gaby Salloum preached on the theme: Show us your Glory (John 11:40 “If you believe you will see the glory of God.”) 

Moses had a heart of a leader, whose desire it is to see the glory of God in His life. He knew that he had a task ahead of him, which was to lead the people of Israel. Even though he knew he had the favor of God, he still asked God to show him His glory. With ordinary things, we get tired after encountering them for too long, but with God you never get tired, still want more (Exodus 33:12-18).

If God’s presence does not go before us, we accomplish nothing, we are as good as dead (1 Samuel 4:21 Ichabod = the glory of God has departed). But every dead thing can come alive. We want to believe for the latter rain, which He has given to us (Joel 2:23).

God’s glory can be within us (1 Corinthians 3:16) but then there is also God’s outside glory, because He is Omnipresent, and His Shekinah glory manifests in the world (Genesis 3:8). God wants us to see and experience His glory, which is, Himself (Numbers 14:10, 16:42; 2 Chronicles 7:1; Isaiah 6:1, Psalms 24:7; 1 Kings 8:10-11).

Not every church or believer feels the presence of God. You need to be thirsty and hungry for God’s presence. Also, sin removes God’s glory (Romans 3:23; Genesis 4:16). The purpose for God’s presence is: fulfilling God’s Word, healing, salvation, deliverance, and repentance.

How to bring His presence: by prayer (1 Kings 18:26, 36-38), worship (He comes/we can access the presence of God through worship), expectancy (don’t come to church because of the pastor but because of God’s presence), surrender (makes us go deeper with God; daily, without distraction), unity, and humility.

Experiencing God’s presence brings joy (Psalms 16:11), peace, rest, and changes the atmosphere. We should want God’s presence to lead and guide us in ALL things we do, and we should teach our children how to experience God’s presence.

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