The Joy Of The Lord
December 29, 2019
Return to God Pt 2 – Letting Go
January 12, 2020

Return To God Pt 1 – Getting Desperate for God

The first sermon in January was about “Getting Desperate for God”. We cannot return to God without being desperate for Him. But if we are, we will have an exciting life, living in God’s authority. 

Have we grown cold and sleepy? In John 5:1-8, the sick man had been watching for 38 years, as others received their healing. Or do we believe we can do it alone and don’t need God? Burdened people too may choose to be alone, because grief, pain, and sorrow can draw us away from God. But storms are to build us up, not to break us down. Rather than drawing us away from God, they may prompt us to draw closer to Him. What you are going through today is intended by God to build you up. 
The Israelites were stuck in the wilderness (Deuteronomy 1:6) for 40 good years because they allowed their outward circumstances to make them passive. It is a picture of many of today’s believers. They have lost their passion for God and give priority to their problems. They have become laid back, since God provides everything for them. 
Do you want to be desperate for God, as David was when he wrote Psalms 42:1? Let us not miss out on our miracle as the sick man did. So how can we get desperate for God?

1. Recognize your need for God – at all times and in all circumstances. David didn’t cry for God to come and solve his problems but for God to be in his life. We can be desperate for the best food, clothes, shoes or other things we wish for, and know where to find them. Let us rather search for the perfect and abundant God who is greater than all these things.

2. Set your mind on things above, focus on Christ, because, what controls you mind controls your life (Proverbs 23:7, Romans 8:5). If you think right, you will live right (Proverbs 4:23).

3. Surround yourself with the right people – maybe its time to “detox” our relationships, and get rid of some. We need people around us who are as passionate as you and assist you when you are desperate for God (Mark 2). Stop compromising and entertaining ungodly people. There is no other joy or peace than what comes from the Lord. Any other thing offered by ungodly people to relieve you cannot do the job. Pray to God that He rekindles your passion for Him.

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