Return To God Pt 1 – Getting Desperate for God
January 5, 2020
Return to God Pt 3 – Drawing Close to God’s House
January 19, 2020

Return to God Pt 2 – Letting Go

We were blessed this past Sunday with a great sermon titled “Letting Go” under the sermon series “Returning to God”. Ecclesiastes 3:6 – A time to gain,and a time to lose; a time to keep,and a time to throw away.”

Pastor Gaby encouraged us to let go of the things that keep us stuck, and away from God. Some of us tend to be “spiritual hoarders’, holding on to things in our lives such as unforgiveness, grief, pain of the past and the like, that keep us stuck and make it difficult for us to draw near to God. It’s time to throw off the cargo that prevents us from reaching our destination (Acts 27:18).

We focused on 3 main points:

1. Make Christ the center (Philippians 4-12-13): If we make Jesus the center and priority in our lives, when he asks us to let go of the baggages that take his place and weigh us down, it may be difficult but because he takes center stage in our lives we can let go and move foward with him.

2. His grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9): If we attempt,as God’s children, to let go of the things that weigh heavy on us in our own strength, we are bound to fail. We must fully depend on God’s grace and strength to be able to throw off the things God asks us to let go of.

3. We are a new creation (Galatians 2:20): Scripture is very clear that we are made new in Christ; the old has gone. The Lord calls us by a new name and it is important that we know and live by this truth so that we don’t settle for defeat. That way we can live free and go from glory to glory.

Join us this Sunday as we continue our sermon series!

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