Return to God Pt 2 – Letting Go
January 12, 2020
Return to God Pt 4 – Lay Hold of God
January 26, 2020

Return to God Pt 3 – Drawing Close to God’s House

Pastor Gaby Salloum preached about Drawing Close to God’s House. He encouraged that every other activity must revolve around our commitment to the church. Church is not a social club and we lose the value of the fellowship of believers if that is how we see church predominantly. The essence of coming to church is the power that is behind it (Matthew 18:20). There is no power without the presence of God. In Matthew 16:18 and Acts 20:28 we read that God’s heart is towards the church.
Your commitment to church is only a reflection of your commitment to God. God is jealous for us, that is, if we prioritize other people or things before Him (Exodus 31:14). 
Maybe a bad experience at church keeps you from going to church but we should not allow this to happen (Hebrews 10:25). We should not be using excuses such as bad experiences at church, preferring to watch sermons at home or our children not to commit to church. We must give the same commitment and more to the church that we give to other activities. Some people say they can experience God when they are alone. As much as that is true, there is a special anointing that is released on the church when believers gather together to worship God. There is power when God’s presence comes on a gathering of believers (Mark 1:27). 

We need to be part of God’s body and be committed to church because it is important; the manifest presence of God is there. 

Pastor Gaby encouraged the congregation that church is not only a place to connect with God but also with people (Acts 2:42). Through fellowship we show love, and God wants to use you to shine His light (John 1:7). Being alone at home is all about self, not others. We need each other (Proverbs 27:77) and we are empowered when we come to church.

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