Stepping into an Open Heaven Pt 2 – Knowing the Holy Spirit
February 9, 2020
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February 23, 2020

Stepping into an Open Heaven Pt 3 – Hearing God’s Voice

Pastor Gaby continued the series on an “Open Heaven” with the topic “Hearing God’s Voice”. Many of us are led by the wrong voice. There is a difference between wanting to hear, 1. whatever God wants to say to us, and 2. Only the answers to our specific requests.

If we want to grow in a relationship with God, we need to hear from Him every day and every minute. God’s promises come with the requirements to listen and obey His voice (Exodus 15:26; 19:3-4; Jeremiah 7:22-23).

There are different voices that speak to us:

  1. Wise people may have good advice to offer but if their counsel doesn’t align with the Word of God, don’t take it (Acts 5:29).
  2. Satan and his demons can speak too (Genesis 3:1; Acts 8:7; Luke 4:33-34).
  3. People also speak to themselves what is contrary to God’s word (Luke 16:3; 18:4)
  4. God speaks to us and we are well advised to turn to and listen to Him (Psalms 85:8; 119:105). At times we cannot hear God’s still, small voice (1 Kings 19:12) because we are not still.

How does God speak?

  1. Through His Word (John 16:13)
  2. Through messengers (2 Kings 6:12)
  3. With an audible voice (1 Samuel 3:10)
  4. Through dreams and visions
  5. Through angels (Luke 1:28)

How can we hear God’s voice?

  1. By making an appointment with Him (Isaiah 50:4, a prophecy about Jesus in which we read that Jesus had an appointment with God the Father every morning to her from Him). We need to be good stewards of our time (1 Peter 4:10)
  2. By having an expectation to hear from God
  3. By paying attention (Proverbs 4:20; 5:1)

Let us be aware of the voices that speak to us and make sure that they align with God’s truth!

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