Stepping into an Open Heaven Pt 4 – Knowing Who You Are
February 23, 2020
Living Under An Open Heaven Pt 2 – Walking Into Your Destiny (Continuation)
March 8, 2020

Living Under An Open Heaven Pt 1 – Walking Into Your Destiny

This Sunday, Pastor Gaby began the series of “Living under an Open Heaven” with the title “Walking In Your Destiny”. As children of God, we don’t walk aimlessly but have a destiny (1Corinthians 9:26). Our destiny is God’s plan or purpose for our life. 

In 1 Samuel 9:17 we read that God Himself appointed King Saul but in 1 Samuel 15:10-11 we find out that King Saul missed his destiny. The same happened to Samson. God had sent him when Israel was in bondage, to free them through the power of the Holy Spirit in him. Samson knew his purpose from the beginning, and he walked in the power of his purpose but along the way he stepped out of his destiny(Judges 13). But he repented (Judges 16:28) and therefore, although blinded by his captors, was able to meet his destiny. Solomon on the other hand, who at his request received great wisdom from God, missed his purpose when at the end of his life, he had hundreds of concubines and worshiped their gods. He died in ruin and shame.

We need to observe some truths:

  1. Our destiny is established by God (Genesis 12:2; Jeremiah 1:5; Habbakuk 2:3 – we delay God’s plan when we try to fulfil it in our own strength and not by God’s direction)
  2. Our destiny requires our “yes” (Isaiah 6:8; Genesis 12:4 – agree with God to take you where He wants you to go. It is difficult to say “yes”. Moses initially said to God, “send someone else”. But you better say “yes” because saying “no” may end you in the belly of the whale)
  3. Our “yes” will come at a cost (Genesis 12:1 – even though you may not know where God wants to take you, you follow by faith. Luke 14:26 – we may have to leave things, dear friends or family members behind but God will give us new friends when we really want to pursue the purpose for which He has called us)
  4. Our destiny is for us and for others (Genesis 12:3 – when we walk in God’s plan for us it affects the generations after us.

You have a destiny and a purpose in Christ….don’t miss it!

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