I AM Pt 6 – I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
September 13, 2020
The Holy Spirit Pt 1 – Who Is The Holy Spirit
September 27, 2020

I AM Pt 7 – I Am The True Vine

Yesterday we ended our sermon series on the “I Am” statements made by Jesus. 

In John 15:1-7, Jesus made the last declaration about Himself just before He died, and revealed Himself to His disciples by saying, “I am the True Vine”. Pastor Gaby reminded us that every “I Am” statement Jesus made was to reveal His identity to us.

In Isaiah 5:1-7 we see that Israel was referred to as God’s vine or vineyard that disappointed Him; God expected good grapes but it brought forth wild grapes. They messed up. Israel is the false vine but Jesus is the True Vine because through Him we have life.

Scripture highlights the vine dresser as the Father, the vine as Jesus, the branches as the children of God and the fruit as the working of the Holy Spirit.

Two secrets highlighted in John 15 that will cause us to be fruitful:

1. Pruning – the vine dresser goes around the vineyard to trim the branches that are bearing fruit so that they will bear more fruit. We need to embrace pruning; it is discipline from a loving Father. Hebrews 12:5-7 tells us that God chastens the one He loves as a son. Chastening is not pleasant in the moment but it produces good fruit. James said, “count it all joy”. We need to open our hearts to pruning by the Father because it is for our own good and to bring forth fruit.

2. Abiding – the word abide means to stay or to remain. The Bible talks about those who are saved as those who are in Christ; the branches, those who are abiding. Those who are in Christ are those who are abiding in Christ, those who are connected to Christ, one with Christ. Many of us are sitting around the vine but we are called as the body of Christ to abide in the vine,to remain in the vine. God is calling us to be one with Him; to remain connected to Him. Abiding equals fruit bearing. Jesus said,”by their fruit they will be known.”

Jesus is the True Vine and we must remain in Him to see the fruit of the Holy Spirit displayed in our lives!! 

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