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September 20, 2020
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October 4, 2020

The Holy Spirit Pt 1 – Who Is The Holy Spirit

Yesterday, Pastor Gaby introduced our new sermon series – The Holy Spirit. The sermon title was “Who is the Holy Spirit?”

The new Christian converts had not heard about the Holy Spirit (Acts 19:2). Jesus tells the disciples that the Holy Spirit will be with them forever, and goes on to say that the Holy Spirit lives with us and is in us, but do you know Him? (John 14:16-17).

God the Holy Spirit is the least acknowledged in the Trinity. Joel 2:28 prophesies that the Lord was going to pour out His Spirit on all people. In Acts 2:15-17, Peter quotes the Prophet Joel saying that “now the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has come”.

So who is the Holy Spirit:

1. He is a Person – the Holy Spirit is not a thing, an object or an ‘it’; He has a mind, emotions and a will. He leads, guides, protects, loves. To know Him more, we need to understand that He is a Person, and therefore, has the ability to make us into His image. The Bible is God’s general will for His children, but His specific will for us can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit, who searches all things even the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10).

2. He is a Spirit – (John 4:24) God is Spirit and his worshippers can only worship Him in spirit and in truth. We are spirit beings and the only way we can commune with God through worship is if we understand that He is a Spirit, and He testifies with our spirit (Romans 8:16). It is clear from scripture that the only way we can commune (have communion), connect or have relationship with God is through the Holy Spirit, who dwells in our spirit.

3. He is Life – John 6:63 “it is the Spirit who gives life, the flesh profits nothing. The words I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life”. In Genesis, the Holy Spirit brought life to the void and dormant earth. The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and brought life into her womb. The Holy Spirit is life. We are alive today because the Holy Spirit lives in us. When we sow the Word of God in our lives we are sowing life. 

The only way we can go deeper is to get to know who the Holy Spirit is.

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