The Holy Spirit Pt 1 – Who Is The Holy Spirit
September 27, 2020
The Holy Spirit Pt 3 – Grieving The Holy Spirit
October 11, 2020

The Holy Spirit Pt 2 – But By My Spirit Says The Lord

Last Sunday’s sermon was titled, “But by my Spirit says the Lord”. The Prophet Zechariah highlights the truth of God to Zerubbabel and Joshua, the high priest, that they must depend on the Holy Spirit; “not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit”, says the Lord (Zechariah 4:1-7,11-14). The only way we can accomplish God’s purpose in any area of our lives is by the power of the Holy Spirit. Haggai 1:1-11, we see that the Lord instructed Zerubbabel and Joshua to rebuild the house of the Lord that was in ruins, because the people of Israel were busy building their own houses. 

How we can see the anointing being released in our lives:

1. We are vessels of the anointing – we have to know and believe that we are vessels of the Holy Spirit; we carry His presence and anointing (1 John 2:20,27), so that we can begin to see His anointing flow through us. We can therefore lay hands on the sick and they receive healing. Not by our own strength or ability but by the Spirit of God.

2. The vessel must be broken – the olive fruit, by itself, contains no oil. However, it goes through the crushing process for oil to be released and the bitterness to be removed. We must go through crushing and have to be broken for the anointing of God to be released in our lives. The woman who came to anoint the the feet of Jesus, had to break the alabaster box that contained the oil (Mark 14:3).

3. The vessel must be empty and available – the widow obeyed Elisha and gathered empty vessels, and miraculously the little oil she had multiplied to fill all the empty jars she had (2 Kings 4:2). We must be empty and available in the presence of God in order to be filled with His anointing. John the Baptist said, “may I decrease that You might increase”. That is emptiness; acknowledging our need for God and making ourselves available to be filled by Him.

Let us learn to depend on the Holy Spirit because without His anointing we can do nothing! 

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