Abundant Harvest Pt 3 – Understanding Your Harvest
January 17, 2021
Abundant Harvest Pt 5 – The Lord Of The Harvest
January 31, 2021

Abundant Harvest Pt 4 – Reaping Your Harvest

One area in our lives for us to harvest in, which is of utmost importance to the Lord, is soul-winning.

We must meditate on God’s Word & as such, we become like trees planted by streams, whose leaves do not wither; and we will prosper in whatever we do (Psa.1:1-3). It’s important where we are planted in God’s kingdom & that will determine our harvest.

All authority has been given to us to go out – not on our own accord, but in His power – and make disciples (Matt.28:18-19). God has given us authority over the enemy and nothing shall harm us (Luke 10:19). No weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isa.54:17).

We must take a step of faith in the face of fear, and step out to see the power of God manifest. The children of Israel were afraid before the Red Sea, but they had to take a step in order to see the sea part.

Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. He was moved with compassion when He saw the people lost like sheep without a shepherd (Matt.9:35-38). There are many souls ripe and ready for harvest so let’s ask God to give us a heart of compassion for them and act when the opportunity arises. Every harvest is time bound and there is no more time to waste otherwise lives will perish – souls will be lost on account of us – if we don’t act on time (Eccle.3:1). 

Every time we commit to the work of God, there is a special grace on our lives to do what He has called us to do. We are called to show love, to encourage, to pray, to bless and represent Christ well to those around us. 

Jesus went about preaching the gospel and healing every sickness and disease, because that was His purpose (Mark 1:35-38)! All the things you toil for are not your purpose. All things pass away, but the God’s Word remains forever (Matt.24:35); let us toil for the everlasting Word. Let us take every opportunity to preach the Word of God and live by example as we make disciples because that is our purpose and that is the heart of God!

Titus 2:11- “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men”. 

Be intentional about soul winning. Pray, seek direction and wisdom from the Lord, be prepared in and out of season and step out in faith to sow the seed of the Word in the hearts of those who are lost!

The heartbeat of God is PEOPLE!