March 28, 2021
It Is More Blessed To Give Pt 4 – The Joy of Giving
April 4, 2021

It Is More Blessed To Give Pt 3 – Giving That Hurts

On Good Friday, we celebrated the death of our Lord Jesus.

Our motives and motivations affect our giving! Are our motives for giving like that of God? Jesus asked the rich young ruler to sell everything and follow Him. He left sorrowful because he was very rich (Luke 18:18-23). Jesus was pointing out that we can become attached to material things that we cannot let go. He doesn’t want us to be religious because He cares about the condition of our heart for wealth can deprive us a place in the kingdom and no monetary value can be placed on the things of the kingdom.

God loves us that He gave up His most precious possession – His only Son – to die a criminal’s death just for you and me! He gave in a way that hurts so that we can be reconciled to Him (John 3:16).

David was incited by Satan to take a census. To make things right, he made a sacrifice. David said ,”I insist on paying the full price. I will not take for the Lord what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing” (1 Chronicles 21).

Any giving that hurts is sacrificial. It will cause you pain to let go but it is worth it. Giving that hurts draws from you & costs you, but it also attracts God to you & brings His blessings.

The widow gave out of her need contrary to those who gave out of their abundance. Jesus said, “This woman has given more than everyone else” (Luke 21).

The Moabite king was an ungodly man but because he gave what was dearest to him (he sacrificed his firstborn son) when he was losing the battle, God’s anger was upon the people of Israel (2 Kings 3:26-27).

The widow of Zarephath gave to Elijah out of her need & because of her sacrifice, God blessed her with abundance (1 Kings 17).

Our love for God is measured by our sacrificial giving to God.

Giving that hurts doesn’t focus on the faults of people, instead there’s obedience even when it hurts because of your love for God. Scripture says, “even while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.

Sacrificial giving will always hurt but remembering Jesus’s death on the cross should be our motivation to give even when it hurts!