Activating The Anointing
July 25, 2021
Seeking The Will of God
August 8, 2021

Trusting God In The Storm

God is looking for a generation that trusts Him – even in the storm. Just like an unexpected storm came upon the disciples, so also in this life we experience unexpected storms.

Jesus was with them in the storm; asleep! The disciples were afraid and they questioned the Lord, “Don’t You care if we perish?”. They begun to lose trust in Him (Mark 4:35-41). When we go through difficult times and we feel like Jesus is asleep, not hearing our prayers or doing anything about it, it can become easy for us to lose trust in Him. Before they went on the boat and encountered the storm, Jesus told them, “let’s cross over to the other side”.

Did Jesus not know that there was trouble ahead? Does Jesus not know what we are going through or what is awaiting us? He does! If we are to cross over to the other side, we will surely encounter storms. Are we going to trust Him in the middle of the storms, trials and challenges of life?

We may believe in God and believe what He says but do we wholeheartedly TRUST in Him & what He says? Don’t give up! Even if it looks like nothing is happening keep trusting God!

A foreboding spirit makes us prepare for the storm rather than rest in God. It makes us think negative, anxious and fearful thoughts. Many of us are afraid to get married, take risks in business, step out in ministry for the foreboding spirit keeps us stuck in the ‘what ifs’, anticipating that something bad is going to happen and because of that, we cannot progress.

Our God is not the God of “what if”, He is the God of “Yes and Amen”! This foreboding spirit is so ‘low key’ you will think God is speaking to you. But God doesn’t speak to us in such a manner. He wants us to fully trust Him in the storms that we face rather than prepare for the worst in the storm.

Many of us are in storms today and because of how difficult and painful it is, we have stopped trusting God. We go ahead of God to prepare for the worst because we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

God is saying to us, “Keep trusting Me! Don’t stop believing and trusting Me because I will come through for you. We will cross over to the other side.”