Seeking The Will of God
August 8, 2021
Is Your House In Order?
August 22, 2021

God Here I Am Use Me

God calls us to be used for the glory of His name and for His kingdom purpose. We look at our weaknesses and flaws, but He doesn’t call whom He hasn’t chosen and anointed to the task He has assigned.

Every king that was called was also anointed before they took office. God will also equip and anoint us for the purpose for which He has called us; all we have to say is ‘yes’ to His call.

To keep us unavailable to God, the enemy uses:

  1. Perfection. If we think we are self-sufficient, then we don’t need God. God uses those who know that they need Him because they are unable to make it on they own. He searches all over the earth to strengthen those who are fully committed to Him (2 Chronicles 16:19).
  2. Comparison. This limits how God wants to use us in our uniqueness. We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) and we are God’s workmanship created for good works (Ephesians 2:10).

When we say ‘yes’ to God:

  1. We enjoy our walk with Him much more. If you don’t make yourself available, your giftings are a waste because God has a purpose for you and He wants to use you.
  2. We will see the anointing flow and God will move through us like never before.

We have all learnt something, no matter how small, in our walk with God and we can offer that little to someone else. It’s not how much we have learned/know but how much we are willing to offer of ourselves.

Moses was called by God but he made excuses. God is not looking on the outside, he is looking for available vessels. David was an adulterer, Noah was a drunk, Paul was a murderer and Gideon was a coward, but God used them all mightily because they made themselves available and said, “Lord here I am, use me” (Isaiah 6:8).

Excuses that God can’t use you:

  1. Feeling of inadequacy (Exodus 3:11)
  2. Feeling like you don’t know enough (Exodus 3:13)
  3. Feeling like people won’t take you seriously (Exodus 4:1)
  4. Feeling like you can’t speak well (Exodus 4:10)

Stop making excuses! Get up from your comfort and make yourself available. When Moses said yes, he was used mightily of God. So also God will use you mightily if you make yourself AVAILABLE to be used by Him!