Is Your House In Order?
August 22, 2021
Get Out Of Your Nest
September 5, 2021

Desiring A Happy & Fruitful Life

We are corrected so that we know that we are loved and are being built to be better people (righteous & filled with peace), though it may not be pleasant at the time (Hebrews 12:6,11).

We can’t always immediately measure the effect of our actions, but later, we realise the enormity of the destruction to ourselves and others. Therefore, don’t be reactive; be patient and take time to think about the effect of your actions before you commit them. Be deliberate in weighing the implications of your words, thoughts and actions to others (Ephesians 4:29). We are to be examples in word, thoughts and conduct (1 Timothy 4:12) for we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).

3 things we engage in as human beings that are personal choices/decisions (Psalm 1:1-6): WALK progresses to STAND progresses to SIT. God doesn’t want you to even start the ungodly journey, let alone being comfortable in it, and later regret your actions upon reflection. We need the Spirit of discernment to identify ungodly advice/counsel (2 Samuel 15:31).

God’s cure for a happy & fruitful life – His Word:

  1. Your desire/delight/inclination reflects in the God’s Word & His things, so much that you won’t even think of starting the ungodly journey and can also easily spot ungodly advice. Flood your mind with Word of God.
  2. You must meditate on the Word of God. Meditation is a slow but steady process. It is reading the Scripture out loud (which gives focused attention & we learn from both ears and eyes) and thinking about God’s Word habitually. WHAT THE MIND REPEATS, THE MIND RETAINS.

In God’s cure, your fruits are evident in season, your leaves never whither & whatsoever you do (in line with God’s will) prospers, because of where you are located – deep-rooted in God’s Word. When you are planted by the rivers of water – the Holy Spirit – you produce His fruits (Galatians 5:22-23).

Do you desire to live a fruitful and happy life? Stick to the Lord’s instructions (Proverbs 3:5-6; Romans 12:2). Be in the Word of God. It is the only Thing that satisfies, nothing else satisfies. God still has great plans for you as His child (Jeremiah 29:11), so know where you are planted.