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September 12, 2021
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September 26, 2021

The Power Of A Good Name

We are called to have a good name that reflects the glory and the Name of Jesus, the Name above every name!

The world has tried to tarnish the name of Jesus but has failed miserably. Jesus walked on earth, and demonstrated both power and good works.

Many in the body of Christ are focused only on the power and anointing, title and position that the name Jesus carries, but we are such a poor reflection of who Jesus is.

A good reputation is important to demonstrate Christ. We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5) and our light should shine before men (verse 16). When our name is mentioned, do people think about Christ? Are we leaving a good taste in people’s mouths? Are we reflecting the glory of God?

What kind of name are you leaving for your children? Names store up attributes which stay on for generations. When we mention Adolf Hitler, we remember him for the wicked things he did. So also good works and character can be attached to our names.

God is calling us, as Christ’s ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20), to display and live the character of Christ reflected in the name we carry (Matthew 5:16). We should not only be known by the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Many people are not interested in anything that has to do with the church because of the bad names that Christians carry and the bad character they display.

Praise God that although men fail, Jesus never fails! He still has a good name. Even though people may not carry a good name, our focus should remain on Christ so that no one will keep us from coming into the house of God.

A good name should be chosen rather than great riches (Proverbs 22:1) and is better than precious ointment (Ecclesiastes 7:1) .

If your lifestyle has affected your name, or you have inherited a name that is tarnished but desire to have a good name that reflects Christ, ask the Holy Spirit to give you a new name and give you the grace to build a name that glorifies God.

A good name:

  1. can instill confidence!
  2. has the power to introduce you & open doors for !
  3. preaches Christ!
  4. inspires you & others!

May you be remembered for the good name you carry that reflects Christ!