Hearing The Voice of The Spirit
December 19, 2021
Finding God’s Rest
January 2, 2022

Walking In The Power Of God’s Favour


The Lord has saved the best for the last! Today we are receiving the best of what God has for us, the anointing of acceleration and newness! We are ahead of every plan of the enemy.

(Luke 1:26-33) There is power in God’s favour that changes situations. People can affirm you, but God’s affirmation changes everything (Matthew 3:17; 1 Samuel 16:12). Position yourself in places that God can look at you and say, “This is my servant; you are highly favoured”; in places where you will encounter God’s favour.

Favour = Karis/Charis = grace = unmerited favour

God’s unmerited favour saved all of us, not because of our works so we can’t boast. When Christ died, the abundance of grace was released on our lives (Ephesians 2:8-9). As long as I belong to Christ, I’m born again and a child of God, I have access to that grace & I can live daily under God’s favour (Psalm 30:5). God does not hold back His favour from His children.

Are you daily living and walking under God’s favour? Are you experiencing God’s hand, power and presence in your life? Don’t judge God’s favour on you based on your outward situation. You can experience God’s favour in your worst situation. God’s favour is not necessarily tied to your circumstances. In the midst of the storm, a servant of God can experience God’s favour (Genesis 6:8: 39:21). Many times, we experience the favour of God THE MOST in problems; it sees us through the storm, brings us out of situations and changes our lives (Psalm 5:12; 102:13). Every servant of the Lord lives, enjoys and experiences great dimensions of God’s wisdom/favour because they make the choice to grow deeper in God (Exodus 33:12; 1 Samuel 2:26; Luke 2:52).

Only God Almighty bestows favour upon our lives; no one or nothing else (Psalm 84:11). Favour is for you because Christ died for you to live under that umbrella of grace and favour! When the enemy fashions weapons against you, he meets the grace and favour of God over your life. When both God and enemy look at you, they see the favour of God over your life and this is what sets you apart.

Favour is like a well, it makes us free from the troubles of this world; they no longer control us. Keep growing in God so as to enjoy the dimensions of His favour.