Walking In The Power Of God’s Favour
December 26, 2021
Do Not Be Afraid
January 9, 2022

Finding God’s Rest

Forget the former things, behold I am doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:18-19).

This is the year of rest but this doesn’t mean we are to be asleep or inactive (Matthew 13:25). Rather, it is a year in which we are going to relinquish total control to Jehovah God.

If the unjust judge, who initially refused to intervene in the affairs of the persistent widow, but finally did good to her because he was fed up, how much more God who is just (Luke 18:1-2)? In this year of rest, we will rely in the God’s strength to see us through. What we used to do in our own strength and effort, we release to God to intervene (Luke 18:7).

To allow God to work and take over in this year of rest, we need to (Jeremiah 6:16):

  1. be people of prayer (Psalm 46:1). Pray back God’s word to Him
  2. honour our commitments to God and others just as God honours His commitment to us. Every promise you have made do your best to honour them.
  3. be observant and pay attention so as to identify the schemes of the enemy (Matthew 26:41). Being observant will help us to see what is going on in the Spirit and move in the right direction.
  4. communicate with God instead of relying on men. Be careful who you surround yourself with, who we seek counsel from and who we trust.
  5. allow His Word to control your thoughts, words and actions. Once you ask from God, let your convictions stick to Him

Rest for our souls (our mind, will and emotions) is what God is offering us this year if only we allow Him to consume us completely.

When you walk in rest, you are a representation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Way and if we seek God and stay in the Way, we will enjoy rest (John 16:33). When you make Jesus your Pivot, you overlook all obstacles for your sight is not on the ground but on Jesus. Then you move with speed, because He is your direction and focus. If we walk with Jesus, we will enjoy rest even in the face of trouble.

In this year of rest, we will have joy and peace like never before! We will be the light of Christ like never before!

This year is not a year of inactivity or laziness but one of prayer and surrender and see how God will usher you into rest.

2022 is the year of rest in the presence of God!