Seasoned For My Seasons
February 13, 2022
Authority And Faith
February 27, 2022

The Authority Of The Believer

DECLARATION: I carry the authority of the Lord Almighty. I’m like a fireball in the world that I live in.

Jesus said that we will do greater things than Him; not greater things than the apostles of old. Then why are we looking back, thinking that the days of God’s signs and wonders are long gone? We should look forward and ask God to open our eyes so as to walk as children of God, not as defeated people.

The only One Key to the Kingdom of God is Jesus Christ. He is the only Way to encounter God. He is the revelation to God, and on Him, the gates of hell will not prevail over us.

DECLARATION: I have the Authority and Power of God over me to prevail over the gates of hell

What threatens the devil the most is a believer who walks in the power of God.

As children of God, the Holy Spirit is the badge/identity card while God’s power is the gun just as how a policeman needs both a badge and a gun to identify him. A policeman with a gun but without a badge is not easily identifiable; we may even think he is a thief! The authority God has given us is the channel through which the power of God works in us. Without God’s authority, we can’t function in His power.

Are you walking in victory?! Your victory is tied to the authority that God has given you.

DECLARATION: I know who I am!

When satan was thrown out of heaven, he lost his authority, but not his power – he walks with a gun, but no badge. As a Christian, you have BOTH power and authority. Satan can only gain authority over you through sin. When you sin, you give satan authority over you.

PRAYER: Lord, I want unshakeable faith! When the storms come, when everything moves, I must remain standing!

The church should be a point of reference to the world. The world should see our authority and power, and be drawn to us. The victory of Christ on the cross gave us keys to walk in the victory through which Jesus overcame satan, though satan will not stop fighting us.

To walk in victory, walk in the power and authority of God (Philippians 2:10).