The Authority Of The Believer
February 20, 2022
Authority And Obedience
March 6, 2022

Authority And Faith

DECLARATION: I have the authority and the power of the Lord Jesus, therefore, I can make a change. God has called me as His ambassador, therefore, He has not left me but has equipped me with His authority and power from His Spirit.

To fulfil God’s mandate, I need to understand the authority and power that God has given me (Philippians 3:10). When Jesus rose from the dead, He gave every believer His ‘badge’ (authority) and ‘gun’ (power). God has equipped you with all that you need to prosper – to do His work.

DECLARATION: When God called and appointed me, He gave me all that I need to do His work. NOW IS THE TIME!

God has released you, but it is about time you release yourself and allow God to use you, so that you see the manifestation of God’s power through your life.

Authority is the channel to the manifestation of God’s power, therefore, you need faith as a means of exercising and walking in this authority (Mark 16:17). Faith in God’s name releases the power of God in you. Faith is God’s language (Hebrews 11:6). God is looking for anyone who can put his/her faith in Him. It takes God’s word + faith for you to see the manifestation of God’s word in you (Acts 1). When you know and understand the authority that God has given us, great faith – faith to believe God for the impossible – is energised and released. We need the revelation of who we are in Christ so that our faith is re-energised. Understanding authority releases grace over our lives.

The power and authority is in Christ alone (Matthew 28:18). Just as much as we need to understand authority for our faith to be energised, we need faith to exercise authority (Matthew 8:5-10). We just need to NOW confess and act on the Word that God has given us (Hebrews 10:38).

To enter and live in God’s rest, it will take faith. Faith is both a fruit and gift of the Holy Spirit. It can be developed and imparted for you to believe God for the impossible.

DECLARATION: Lord increase my faith. Without faith it is impossible for me to please You (Luke 17:5; 2 Corinthians 3:18). Lord help me to walk by faith and not by sight.

Faith is not practised only when needed, it is what You have, therefore, faith is a lifestyle (Matthew 21:22). Don’t demonstrate your own strength, instead, be discerning in the Holy Spirit so that you can walk in victory. Faith is both a product of the heart and mind.

Everyone has faith, but it is only God’s child, a believer, who can exercise faith from the heart – the spirit man (Romans 12:3). If you believe God with all your mind (walking by sight), you will be exhausted. Believing God with all your heart (walking by faith) helps you to walk in effortless victory.

Allow your heart to connect with the heart of God so that you can walk by faith in Christ and see His power manifest in your life.