Authority And Faith
February 27, 2022
Authority And Humility
March 13, 2022

Authority And Obedience

Your life can only be fruitful if your life of obedience is fruitful

PRAYER: Lord I want to obey. Give me the grace to obey.

DECLARATION: When God called and appointed me, He gave me all that I need to do His work. NOW IS THE TIME!

Great faith goes hand in hand with great obedience. It is easy to see faith, but it is not easy for obedience to be demonstrated. Faith alone accomplishes nothing. Works means obedience (James 2:26).

Is your heart far from God? Are you demonstrating faith through obedience? If you want a fruitful life begin to obey. Don’t show faith on the outside, but your heart is far from God.

Little faith with a lot of obedience makes your life fruitful and will bring a tremendous change within and around you. To walk by faith, you must walk in obedience (Hebrews 11:8).

Obedience gives you access to the kingdom of God and the heart of God. Obedience is proof that you love the Lord.

You may choose to follow god at your own time and your own pace, but God wants us to be so close to Him that we follow Him IMMEDIATELY. God not only calls us to follow, but to follow closely. Obedience is following God so closely that the dust from His shoes are on you.

The promised land is the word of God. We need to possess it by walking in faith and obedience (Genesis 5:22). You should have so much fellowship with God that you demonstrate obedience.

Obedience brings wellness (Isaiah 1:19; Deuteronomy 5:33). disobedience and sin separate you from God, because through them, you hand authority over to the devil (1 Samuel 15:22). Incomplete and delayed obedience is disobedience.

Seek the will of God and immediately obey it. God wants our sacrifice to be a product of our obedience. It is better to obey than to sacrifice.