Authority And Obedience
March 6, 2022
Covenant-Keeping God
March 20, 2022

Authority And Humility

DECLARATION: As a child of God, I’m called to His victory.

We should go beyond wanting to hear the Word of God; we should obey it. You may have it all physically but you may be failure. To be a success, you must obey the will of God.

Since the devil is limited to only power, he will challenge your authority for he hates believers walking in both power and authority.

DECLARATION: I will come to understand and know that God is the One who has called me and placed His authority on me.

God bestowed His power and authority on Moses because he was humble. When you see great humility, you see great authority for humility and authority go hand in hand.

When you humble yourself before God, He will exalt you.

Humility says, “Without God I’m nothing”. Pride says, “I’m everything on my own”. Humility says, “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”. Pride says, “I’m sufficient on my own”.

Pride looks to self. God is Jealous and desires all the glory and that is why He hates pride so much. If we are proud, we will step out of God’s will for our lives. The root of disobedience is pride. Do not allow yourself to reflect your own glory, but let Christ take all the glory in your life.

PRAYER: May all of me glorify You Lord.

It is not by Your credentials, but by your dependency on God. Pride is independent and self-reliant. Humility is totally dependent on God.

The greatest call of a child of God is to be His servant. Your identity is not what you do, but who you belong to.

No matter where you reach with the work of God, be humble. When we remain humble, we never fight for position or recognition, but we will be always be fulfilled where God wants us to be.