Are You Stuck In The Box?
April 3, 2022
Take Away The Stone
April 17, 2022

Make Room For God

DECLARATION: I’m driving out everything that is against God, for my heart shall be called the temple of God.

God’s desire is that the altar of our hearts must burn God’s fire.

God’s promise to us is that we and our descendants will possess nations.

As God is seeing your ‘barrenness’, He is releasing His fulfilment. In your barren state, you should sing and shout! (Isaiah 54)

If we are not careful and fail to keep our eyes on God, fear, discouragement, shame, anxiety, etc will set in.

Your season of barrenness and emptiness is over by the blood of Jesus!

Surrender means being desperate for God and also making room for Him. Get rid of the junk and make room for God! God cannot have room to move in us as long as we take out the junk. Junk may be sin, offence, things of the world, cares, concerns, etc. God wants to move and break free within us! But we limit God with our junk.

The room that you give to God is the much that you receive.

It is the season to make room. As people identify God in your life, they will bless you. So walk like Christ. You have to make room for God for you to encounter great miracles. God’s anointing flows when we make room.

God moves looking for anyone who is empty, desperate and willing to surrender. Availability of a vessel is not the only key, but much more the emptiness of the same.

QUESTION: What resistance have you kept up that prevents God for moving in your life? Is it offence, unforgiveness, bitterness, pain, shame, etc?

Let go, make room and allow God to flow freely in you so that you can experience heights of the supernatural that you never dreamt of attaining.