Don’t Come Down From The Wall
April 24, 2022
Dealing With Adversity
May 8, 2022

Jesus My Healer

DECLARATION: Jesus You are my Healer!!!
We may have struggled with our health for a very long time and unbelief sets in. We begin to doubt that we serve a God who is a Healer. Sometimes we pour out our hearts to God and trust Him, but God seems to answer in a way contrary to our desires. There are also times we see the hand of God moving mightily in our lives. Even though we may be sick for long, it shouldn’t stop us from trusting God. Look at the invalid man at the pool for 38 years, the woman with the bent back in the temple, the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years, the man born blind, etc. Even though your situation tempts you to doubt God, have a solid front that God is true to His word and that He will surely show forth.
God will restore unto you all the years that you have lost in your health, marriage, finances, etc if only you can stretch your hands to this God who calls Himself Jehovah Rapha. The God that we serve is still in the business of healing.
QUESTION: (Matthew 14:35-36) Do you recognise the presence of Jesus to set you free and heal you? Stretch out your faith, touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and receive your total healing that will make you whole.
(Luke 5:12-15) In the days of the Bible, lepers were isolated because they were regarded as unclean, and until you were restored, the High Priest had to check and confirm that you are truly cleansed from leprosy and then allow you back into society. This leper had desperate faith to be healed so he broke the isolation law and came to Jesus. Many of the great miracles that we encounter are when we are face down on the ground. The leper recognised that the Healer is in town.
DECLARATION: Lord I’m face down. Today is my day of healing.
Sometimes we easily trust God without a struggle in some areas, but in other areas we struggle with doubt. The leper knew that Jesus is the Healer and ran to Him, but had some doubts about whether He would heal him or not and that’s why he asked Jesus if He was willing. This man and the woman with the issue of blood were rejected by society, their families, their spiritual leaders, etc, but Jesus never rejected them. HE EMBRACED THEM! They did not allow the rejection to make them miss out on their healing.
Jesus is saying, “If you are willing to run towards me, I am willing”. The leper did not allow rejection, disappointment and affliction stop him from approaching Jesus. (Luke 5:13) No one wanted to touch the leper, but Jesus touched him BEFORE He healed him. The LORD Jesus knows what is more important than the healing that you seek. He knows you need to experience His wind of love flooding into your heart.
In the presence of God there is healing. The anointing and power of God is there to set you free. If only you can lean into God and take hold of the hem of His garment. Jesus is willing!
(Exodus 15:22-26) Many times after a season of thirst/dryness we come to an abundance of water, but the waters are bitter. But God in His faithfulness heals the water from bitterness and makes the water sweet.
Evidence from the Bible that God is our Healer; the God who heals ALL/EVERY and not some – Exodus 23:25-26; Deuteronomy 7:15; Matthew 8:16; Acts 10:38.
GOD’S DECLARATION: You who have experienced rejection and disappointment, I want to flood your heart with My love! My love will take the place of rejection and disappointment. My love will restore your spirit and mind. As I touch you, My love will fill your heart. Come to My presence, I will embrace you (Luke 5:13)
The first healing we experience is the love of God before we can experience the healing that we desire. Sometimes the desperate cry of our hearts to God is that if He doesn’t heal us from our circumstances, we’ll be heading back to them.
You may love the Lord and still be living in defeat. Your victory is not in how much you love God; it is in knowing how much God loves you. Walk in victory by opening your heart and receive into your spirit the revelation of love that God has for you.
DECLARATION: Lord I’ve been in my circumstance for too long. Lord, I want to come out. I want to be set free.