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May 15, 2022
The Power Of Unity
May 29, 2022

The God Of Abraham Is The God Of Peter

The word of God carries virtue and it does supernatural things in the heart of the believer that is ready to receive.

The Kingdom of God not only carries power; it has financial breakthrough – it carries all.

Who in the bible carried all – had silver and gold, and also had an encounter? ABRAHAM. He could hear God clearly and was also physically blessed by God. The gospel has to be complete. The same way you need the power to be healed and the power of the Holy Spirit to manifest, is the same way you need the power to create wealth. The same way you need to be transformed so that you don’t walk in sin, is the same way you need finances.

Wherever Jesus did miracles, He had finances to feed His followers. God wants us to have all – the power and the wealth so as to impact more. We need two hands; the hand of Peter that can resurrect the dead and the hand of Abraham that produces wealth. We not only need to have the Gospel to share, but we also need to be wealthy so as to help more people.

Riches have a voice for they can make an impact. God wants us to have a voice in the Spirit and in the wealth. When you believe in the God who prospers, you believe in His covenant.

Desire not only to preach the gospel, but also to impact financially. Tell God that today you want to be like Abraham. Keep believing and don’t focus on your current circumstances. Don’t believe the devil who lies to you that you can never rise to a position of wealth. As long as you continue to be in the Kingdom, God will honour you.

(Genesis 24:34-36) Abraham carried both spiritual and financial anointing. We want wealth that will be a testimony in our neighbourhood, to the glory of God. There are levels of blessings. We need impartation of wealth which is Kingdom prosperity, not worldly wealth. Kingdom wealth is generational and cross-boundary. Impartation of wealth is supernatural (Deuteronomy 8:18) and is not limited to the mind and human knowledge. It is limitless.

(Psalm 25:14) You need to sit at the feet of God for Him to reveal things to you. You are not poor. Dream big for God can do impartation that changes everything.

QUESTION: (Job 22) Why do you focus so much on the curses and limitations instead of the treasures that God has placed within and around you? Why do you forget the covenant of the blessing?

There is no preaching of the cross of calvary without prosperity (2 Corinthians 8:9). Don’t allow the devil to deceive you that the main reason you are poor is because of generational idols. If your mind is not delivered, you will still be casting out demons that were destroyed a long time ago.

For example, as Africans, our continent is tremendously blessed, but we need impartation of God. God wants to raise us to shake nations and impact lives. God wants us to be powerful and influential, people who carry a name. Abraham was so influential that he had his own army which he used to rescue Lot. God wants to turn our view from receivers of help to be producers that help other nations who are in need.

Why God wants to empower us with wealth:

  1. He wants to give us His children the blessings that add no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). God’s blessings make you lie down in peace.
  2. He wants the body of Christ to be generous givers (Proverbs 11:24). When you are a believer with wealth, you are in a better position to handle it for God has killed greed in you.
  3. He wants to give us generational wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18; Proverbs 13:22). You will need finances to make an impact beyond your generation.

PRAYER: Lord empower me to create wealth

(Exodus 8:28) Pharaoh represents satan for we were in the darkness. God wants us to go far, but the devil delights in restricting us.

Why do we need the power to create wealth?

  1. Isaiah 45:3 – it will open your eyes and remove the veil then you can see the wealth. We need the impartation of the Holy Spirit to see. Ask God to empower you to be a blessing to nations, not to self.
  2. Genesis 26:12 – Kingdom wealth is not affected by natural or physical circumstances for it is spiritual.
  3. Genesis 22:17 – Kingdom wealth is not limited by boundaries. Wherever God has you, you prosper.

PRAYER: As You prepare me for the future Lord, empower you to affect nations as well. Lord empower my Kingdom mentality to see beyond myself and accommodate the needs of others.

See yourself as wealthy at all times, whether in season or out of season. Have faith until it manifests just like Joseph.

PROPHECY: God is raising His Kingdom people who will possess nations

PRAYER: Let the power of the Holy Spirit come upon the work of my hand. Let the Spirit of God come upon my mind. Any power of the enemy which causes me not to walk in the dimension of Kingdom wealth, let the anointing of the Holy Spirit quench it. Father, as I lift my right hand, empower it to carry Your power wherever I go. Let my hand be like the rod of Moses. Empower me spiritually to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to break demons, to pull down strongholds. Lord as I lift my left hand, let the anointing that was upon my father Abraham come upon me. Let every yoke, spell, manipulation of the enemy be broken in the name of Jesus. As a bird escapes the snare of the fowler, we have escaped. Let the snare of hardship and unfruitfulness be broken by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord we will eat and be satisfied even in famine. I receive Your abundance in famine and in bounty. Lord bless my storehouse. Let my bank account be opened. Let the floodgates of heaven be released. Let the hidden treasure in darkness be revealed. I unveil every blindness of the enemy. Lord let your anointing to create wealth flow. Lord let us, as the seed of Abraham, possess the gates of the enemy. Lord let us possess nations. Lord give me a heart that gives.