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May 22, 2022
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June 5, 2022

The Power Of Unity

To fulfil God’s mandate, we need unity and togetherness. Unity brings about fruitfulness. Let us strive for unity.
The devil prevents progress by bringing division and competitiveness.
The early church in the book of Acts had so much progress because they possessed the grace of unity. God is the only one able to unite us if we allow Christ to be the centre of everything. If God is not the centre, there is no unity. The core of unity is love and God is love. Whenever we put God out of the equation, disunity reigns.
Unity is oneness and togetherness. To stop all the negativity in the world and sllow unity to reign, we need to walk in the love of God. Jesus welcomed everyone and did not show favouritism.
(John 17:11,20-23) The heart of Christ for His disciples was oneness, because the Holy Trinity is perfectly united in oneness. Unity in the body of christ proves that God sent Jesus Christ. Jesus wants to perfect unity in His body. Days to His crucifixion, Jesus prayed 5 times for Christians to be united. This shows the great importance of unity.
The world around us is getting darker and darker, and without unity in the body of Christ, we will be a failure in fulfilling God’s mandate. Stop the backbiting, gossiping, complaining and begin to seek for unity. Grow up and put a stop in it!
(Acts 2:1,42-47; 4:32-34) There was an explosion of God’s presence on the disciples when they were all together in unity in one place. Unity was the core in what took place in the book of Acts. If we claim to be dominated by the love of God, we should see unity in the body of Christ. The thing that holds the five-fold ministry together is unity. All gifts are useless without unity. Unity makes us see the gifts of the Spirit fruitful in us.
We should seek to build each other up and not tear each other down. Everything should be done in love, even how we correct. The world is watching us as the body of Christ. Christians are held back and fear to do what God wants them to do because of criticism within the body of Christ. Let us seek love.
(Matthew 12:25) No matter what the enemy throws at us, if we are united, we can stand. Unity keeps us above the storm in every area of our lives. Unity is a weapon of warfare. When Christians are one, the devil cannot stand against us. The third cord in our unity should be the Holy Spirit.
PRAYER: Lord, always keep me and my loved ones united, for when we are together, regardless of what the enemy brings, we will stand.
When a football team depends on only one player, the possibility of that team winning is high, no matter how talented that one player is. Togetherness brings victory.
When in a boat, you don’t sail against the wind for you won’t move forward. We should sail with the Spirit. Stop going against the work of the Holy Spirit with your words. Move with the wave of the Holy Spirit. Disunity makes us move against the flow of the Holy Spirit, that’s why we can’t progress. One of the root of disunity is unforgiveness and bitterness.
(Ephesians 4:13) Until we reach perfection, keep seeking unity. (1 Corinthians 1:10) Unity makes us perfectly joined.

  1. Activates the power of God and brings the presence of God (Acts 4:31; Psalm 133:1-2; Matthew 18:20)
  2. Releases God’s blessings (Psalm 133:1,3)
  3. Is a weapon of warfare (Matthew 12:25)
  4. Results in answered prayers (Matthew 18:19)
  5. Fulfils God’s purpose (1 Corinthians 12:12,25-26)
    PRAYER: We counter every storm of disunity in the body of Christ by the blood of Jesus. Father we choose to stand together