The God Of The Suddenly
June 5, 2022
Trusting God In The Process
June 19, 2022

Battle Of Words

Experience the liberty that comes from the Spirit of the Lord (2 Corinthians 3:17-19)

When you learn to surrender all to God, you will be able to soar over everything that has burdened you. As you look into the mirror of God’s word, there is grace for change. Surrender your all to God and keep your focus on God’s word.

DECLARATION: Lord I take hold of Your word about me and I conform to it. I see the glory of God and I’m being transformed and renewed now!

We are not in need every day of new revelation. All we need is the revelation we have, we are walking in it. What is the point of new revelation even if the revelation you already have you are not talking in it? Let us begin to walk in what we have; what God has revealed to us and given to us through His Spirit If you have heard it before, are you applying it to your life?

(Isaiah 57:18-19) God creates the fruit of our lips. He is able to create when we speak. God is waiting on His sons and daughters to speak so that God can create. Could it be that God is not moving today and we are not experiencing the hand and the power of God over our lives because we are not speaking?

Words are like seeds and they have the power to either tear down or the power to build up. What we sow we will reap. If you want to experience a harvest of abundant life, then begin to speak today to speak only what God says you should speak. When we begin to speak to that mountain, only then will that mountain be moved (Mark 11:23).

Your life today may be moving in the wrong direction, because of the words that have been spoken over your life. If the quality and the direction of my life is determined by what I say, then will i begin to speak the words of God. You can’t speak defeat all the time and expect victory. You can’t speak lack all the time and expect abundance. All it takes is one word from you to either build up or tear down the destiny of your son and your daughter.

For example: the statement ‘be a man’, makes men be exhausted, busy workaholics who have to always put up a brave front. This has made men tired and weary and feel guilty when they have nothing to do at the moment. It pushes them to be always busy and guilty even when they rest.

God affirms His children and shows them what holds them back. Speak blessings over your life and you will see the victory of the blessing in every area of your life.

(Genesis 1:3-5) In the beginning, the world was void, without shape and dark. When God spoke over it, the Spirit of God moved and darkness became light. Today, what you say determines whether it is the Spirit of God or the devil that is moving over your life. Enrich your words with the word of God.

Make sure you speak God’s words daily into your destiny because you shall be satisfied by what you say (Proverbs 18:20-21).

Words have the power to:
1. Tear down or build up (Proverbs 12:18)
2. Protect (Proverbs 21:23)
3. Corrupt (James 3:6)
4. Bless and curse (James 3:10)
5. Preserve life (Proverbs 13:3)
6. Cause destruction (Psalm 52:2; 141:3; Matthew 15:11; Job 27:4; James 1:26; Proverbs 10:11)

To live the abundant life, make sure you:
1. Fill your heart with God’s word
2. Be quick to listen and slow to speak
3. Listen to the conviction of the Spirit
4. Fill your heart with thanksgiving

PRAYER: By the blood of the Lamb, I renounce the power of every negative word spoken over my life and its effects. I renounce the shame, rejection, death, failure, limitation. Any demon that is attached to what I’m renouncing, God has released me. I receive release in the mighty name of Jesus. I’m released from every generational curse. The walls have come down. The limitations have been removed. Today my destiny is free from what had tied it down. Where God’s Spirit is, there is liberty. I am free in the mighty name of Jesus! Victory is visiting me today in the mighty name of Jesus. I am experiencing the victory that comes from the name Jesus. I receive the abundance of joy in the mighty name of Jesus.

PROPHECY: There is a grace of comfort being poured over God’s children. Where there is chaos, God is bringing in comfort. God has changed us by the power of his word