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June 12, 2022
Resting In Trying Times
June 26, 2022

Trusting God In The Process

Certain principles apply when we cook. We don’t keep opening the pot to check on the food because we may interfere with the amount of heat needed to get the food properly cooked. God is asking us to trust Him as the God of process (Proverbs 3:5-6) for all of us are walking in some sort of process
The path of life is the process that we go through in every area of our lives, and in no way can we escape them for they are crucial for our growth. These processes are not God’s punishment but God’s good plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). There is nothing that can come to you unless God has ordained it. God’s grace abounds; He gives mercy as we go through the processes of life.
The processes that God takes us through are like well-oiled machine, that is trusted and true. There is an anointing released when we go through processes with God for that which we need to fulfill. This anointing carries and sustains you throughout the process up until the peak. You can never get to the pinnacle of a matter without process.
If the process is not complete, your purpose will not be fulfilled.
PRAYER: Lord take me through the process that prepares me for the thing that is awaiting me. Test my character, break my pride, remove arrogance, teach me to forgive, make my heart big with love.
We need to allow ourselves to go through the processes that are anointed and ordained by God to fulfill that which we are called for.
DECLARATION: No process, no purpose!
For the olive fruit to become olive oil and for grapes to become wine, they have to go through the process. Sometimes the processes are painful because their is breaking, there is sifting, there is isolation, etc.
If we understand that processes are necessary, then it is possible to praise God in the process for the process, for we know what comes at the end is worth it. We don’t need to wait to come to the end of the process so as to praise God.
(Psalm 20:7) If you are trusting in God through the challenges of this life, then only will you able to praise Him. ‘Sweet pains’ is being able to praise God in our pains. Just like in a massage, the pains bring about a relief. Trusting in God enables Him to do the work.
Avoiding the process or taking short cuts means aborting the purpose. God’s promises for our lives are pregnant with vision, and we need to walk into the steps that will make us walk from the dream into the realisation of the dream. Going through the process means surrendering to God, sacrificing, leaving things behind, taking a new unpopular path, going against the grain, etc. We need to push and to trust God. The negative symptoms we see are phantom symptoms; they are lies.
PRAYER: Lord is there anything that I avoided dealing with that caused Your purpose in my life to be aborted? Lord show me. Lord forgive me. I surrender to Your processing.
It is not only about us. Everything that God does in our lives is for us and others as well.
We may have support around us but God is our ultimate Strength. Keep meditating on the truth of God’s word. We need to face the battle/fear/intimidation with faith. As we step out by faith, little by little, we can see God working. Focus on what God is doing and what He says. Work with the Holy Spirit and walk with Him to birth the purpose He has for you.
You can’t just jump from the prison to the palace. The process allows God to work on you. God deals with our character in the little things that we take for granted. The easy way out in the world seems appealing but it leads to nothing, but as God’s children the easy way out is to trust in Him.
According to our self-analysis, we think that we have matured in our walk in God, yet God sees it differently. He wants to bring us to the place of total dependency on Him for He alone orders our steps and is the dependable God (Proverbs 16:9; Psalm 25:3). We can’t say that we trust in God, yet we are depending on ourselves. Make sure your plans and dreams are in alignment with God’s perfect will for your life. Trusting God does not mean that the process will stop or become easier. It means that we will change.
The dispensation of signs and wonders needs us to be FULLY AND TOTALLY dependent on God alone. No interference (Isaiah 40:13). No counselling the Counsellor Himself; the One who knows all things. To enjoy rest in every area of our lives, we need total dependency on God and stop worrying (Matthew 6:27). We worry because we don’t believe that His words are good. There is no need for us to be afraid (Isaiah 35:4) but we should allow God to do only what He can do (Jeremiah 17:7-8).
God is pouring on us His grace to go through the process. Tell God what you need and reach out in faith and receive.