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June 26, 2022
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July 10, 2022

Watch With Me

The word of God is light; therefore permit it to come in and change your situation by its power.

(Matthew 26:36-45) Gethsemane means ‘pressed down’. Watch means to be vigilant/ready/aggressive/awake. Wake up from that slumber and begin to do what the Lord has commanded you to do. Jesus was hard-pressed to fulfill the will of the Father. It is more difficult to surrender our will to the Father’s when we are hard-pressed, but it is doable. God is calling us to rise up and be watchmen in the house of God.

We have looked down on the responsibility, in the natural, of those who are watchmen, but we have to be good watchmen of the Lord for it is a command from God to us. Jesus asked His disciples to watch and pray with Him because He knew that He would fall into temptation so He called His close disciples to stand with Him.

We are called to be watchmen to be watchful against every plan of the enemy, and to be able to discern the voice and will of God. As you are watching, then you are praying because watching makes us discern the will of God and pray accordingly. For our prayers to accomplish much, we have to desire to watch and be in the will of God. Ask God to speak to you before you pray, so that you can pray according to His will.

PRAYER: God enlighten the eyes of my heart so that I will be able to discern. Open the eyes of my heart, enlighten the eyes of my understanding so that I may know Your will and know how to pray.

Security men look with their natural eyes. It is about time to move beyond the natural into the supernatural. Watching means to discern the will of God. God will unveil our eyes to the tactics of the enemy, then we will begin to pray.

Are you fighting battles that you are not meant to be fighting? This is because of the lack of watching. If you watched and prayed, you would have aborted many battles coming against you, because God will open your eyes to see.

DECLARATION: Lord, I am a watchman in Your kingdom. I want to be awake. Father release that grace on me.

Physically we are more watchful because we don’t want to lose anything but in the realm of the spirit, we have lost everything; we are asleep. If you are awake in the natural but asleep in the spiritual, the enemy will defeat you.

How can I be awake? By always being in the Word and drawing life from the Word. Always sitting down in God’s presence and being intimate with Him. Always seeking the counsel and direction of God.

PRAYER: Father open my eyes so that I can begin to see just as Elisha prayed for Gehazi’s eyes to see. I need to know, see and be able to discern Your will. I command the eyes and ears of my heart to be opened now! No more spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness. I see! I hear! In the name of Jesus.

(Ezekiel 33:7; 3:17) God has called us to be awake and watch as He causes us to see and hear from Him.

To avoid many issues of life, awake! Rise up from your slumber!

(Jeremiah 6:17) The survival of the city in the olden times was not only based on the enormity of the wall, but also on the presence of watchfull watchmen who were placed on strategic high points (towers) on the wall. The responsibility of the watchman was to watch and warn.

God knows and sees ahead because He is the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow; He is the Alpha and the Omega; He sees far. We on the other hand only see yesterday and now, so we need to rely wholly on God. God wants to show you ahead so that you can move according to His will. We need to be aware that there are times God will show us and other times He will make us take steps of faith; all in all, we have to desire to seek the face of God in all matters.

(Isaiah 21:8) Stay awake day and night; whether conducive or not. Take your positions for God is depending on you.

Are you awake or asleep spiritually?