The Condition Of Your Heart
August 7, 2022
Driven By Love
August 21, 2022

Boasting In My Weakness

Children know what they love. Even in their sleep, they open their eyes at the slightest sound of a wrapper of candy being opened. Just as children, we should be running towards God with everything inside of us. We should be desperate for Him and take hold of what He has in store for you.

PRAYER: Lord I’m desperate and hungry for You. Even the crumbs under Your table, I am desperate for them.

(2 Corinthians 12:1-10) Sometimes we go through spiritual encounters that we can’t adequately explain. Paul kept His eyes on God regardless of the deep spiritual encounters that he had. We live in a world that encourages boasting in our strengths, and hates it when we boast about our weaknesses. When we boast in the flesh, we are fools (2 Corinthians 11:16-19). God’s power is made perfect in our weaknesses.

Our natural desire is to boast. Even when we apply for jobs, we focus on highlighting our strengths on our CVs. Testimonies glorify God in what He has done in our lives, but pride boasts and relies on self. God resists the proud, but gives grace to humble. (Revelation 3:14-17) We brag about everything. In the church, we compete on our gifts. But as we mature in the spirit, the more humble we become. You may have it all put together outwardly, but when God sees you, He sees you naked because of the result of pride in your life. Pride is self-dependent, but humility is saying, ‘God I’m nothing without You’. Pride is immaturity.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord keep me humble. If I choose to boast, let me boast only on what You are doing in my life

The more you grow/journey with God, the more of self is removed, the more you are dependent on God and His grace. The more you mature in the spirit, the more you realise that you can’t accomplish the things of the spirit with the flesh. To be fruitful in all areas, we need the Lord. It is one thing to say, ‘Lord give me more grace’ and another thing to say, ‘Lord, I want to be naked before You; I have nothing to offer’ (Exodus 33:15).

It is difficult to boast about the things we struggle with. Paul doesn’t mean that we brag about our weaknesses, instead he means that we should be open to God about our weaknesses. God allows ‘thorns on our flesh’ to sharpen everything in us. If we know that our weaknesses have purposes, it will make it easier for us to speak about them to God. Weaknesses make us humble so that we are not self-dependent, but dependent wholly on God.

PRAYER: Lord I know the weaknesses in my life have a purpose. Come into my life and begin the healing process.

Weaknesses are not only to humble us, but also that God’s power rests on us. Every time you are open about your weaknesses/challenges to God or to someone who has the mind of Christ, the more the power of God is released on you.

PRAYER: God, I cannot do it without You. I would rather fail doing it Your way than my way

We usually pray for more anointing and power, but God wants us to humble ourselves before Him; only then will His power be made perfect within us.

Social media is a deception. Someone portrays strength outwardly yet is weak on the inside. We are who we are only by the grace of God. When God looks at strength, we look at weakness. When we choose to say ‘yes’ to God, He turns our weakness into strength. When we choose to walk and do what God has asked us to do, we see God’s power made manifest in us.

PRAYER: Lord, this is my weakness. Lord I know Your grace is sufficient, so let me step into that domain of grace and experience Your power

If you are wise in the eyes of the world He does not choose you, but if you humble yourself before God, He makes His strength perfect in your weakness. The very thing God wants to do in your life is in you.