Boasting In My Weakness
August 14, 2022
Let The Anointing Flow
August 28, 2022

Driven By Love

(Romans 8:31-38) Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit intercede for us. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. Sometimes we go through trials where we wonder if God truly loves us. When God shed His blood at Calvary, His love was deposited in my heart and as a child of God, I’m to continue walking in that love. Problems are real, but in the midst on them, there is a ground that we can stand on; a place that we can be anchored. Drop your anchor in the love of God, not in your situation or what has been said to you.

There is power in God’s love. There is a place that we can lean on and be driven by so that we don’t fall. The aim of the enemy is to derail you and distract you from God’s love. The moment you doubt God’s love, you begin to sink. The moment you are anchored on God’s love, there is a lifting up. Without the love of God, we will fail at everything. Get to the place where you constantly remind yourself, in the good and bad, that God loves you (Romans 5:5). The more you remind yourself of how much God loves you, the more you will believe that God loves you.

(1 Corinthians 13:30; Galatians 5:6) Faith is the arm that we stretch to receive what God has done for us, but faith works best in the presence of love. The foundation of faith is love. (1 John 4:16) The love of God is the substance of our faith. Faith fails to function where there is no love. (John 15:5) Without the love of God, you can do nothing.

PRAYER: Lord I need more of Your love

To have a fruitful life, be driven by God’s love. There is always a drive that fuels us to do what we do, whether good or bad. When we are tired, exhausted, discouraged, there should be a drive that reminds us what God did for us and encourages us to keep going and not give up on those around us. The love that God has for us should be our drive in ministry. We need to get to that place where we are totally dependent on God’s love without any distractions.

If your heart is fuelled by something, no matter what you go through, you will push to make it come to pass even when you fail. The moment you let go of that drive, everything stops. But is this drive from God? When your heart is fuelled by the heart of God, everything about you will go far. Don’t give up on all that concerns you; God’s love will sustain you and He has a great plan for you.

Mary and Martha had to go through a waiting season when Lazarus, whom Jesus loved, was dead. Jesus loved them even before Lazarus died and He loved them too in the waiting season. As you wait for your Lazarus to rise up, be anchored on God’s love. Stretch your hands towards God and be dependent on God’s love, then you will see the Lazarus in your life come to life.

(Revelation 2:1-7; Ephesians 3:15-19) There is something greater than what the Ephesus church was doing. Their roots were not established in God’s love, though they did all the great things for God. It is a must that we as children of God understand His love. We need to move beyond knowing to encountering the love of Christ, though it is in dimensions. Our aim is not to stop where we are but to continue pursuing God’s love. There is no life outside the love of God.

PRAYER: God gives us the grace and usher us in to a time of experiencing and encountering Your love

(Galatians 5:22) The fruit of the Spirit is held by love. Allow the river of love to flow through your heart. We adulterate God’s love with other things in our hearts when it should only be His love. This makes us lose passion for God. Perfect love casts out fear. Where there is fear it is because we have not been made perfect in love. Where there is pride, there is a lack of love. The more you walk with the Lord, the more you are humble.

PRAYER: Lord anchor me in Your love. Forgive me for adulterating my heart with other things (pride, worry, negativity, fear, anger, etc). Lord forgive me for relying on my own strength and putting You behind and saying ‘no’ to You. Any impediment that stands in the way to God’s love – these barriers – be removed in Jesus name! May I experience an encounter of Your love Lord. Thank You Jesus for covering me and shedding Your love into my heart, in Jesus name!