Driven By Love
August 21, 2022
Stay In Faith
September 4, 2022

Let The Anointing Flow

PRAYER: Lord give me enlightenment and understanding (Psalm 119:130; Job 42:5)

(1 Corinthians 6:19) When you believe in the work of the cross, you have the Holy Spirit in you. You now belong to Christ, not to the enemy. The more you walk with the Holy Spirit, the more you know of Christ and the more you walk in freedom.

(1 John 2:27; Romans 8:11) You are anointed by God because of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you. You are God’s temple. You can now walk and manifest the work of God through the Holy Spirit. The more you surrender to the Holy Spirit, the more the works of the Holy Spirit are manifested in and through you.

God is supernatural, and if we want to walk in the realm of the supernatural, the more you need the power of the Holy Spirit. To be anointed means to be rubbed/smeared all over by the Holy Spirit. The world needs to see the power of the Holy Spirit. For us to tap into that reservoir of the power, we need to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The people around us can only be set free by the power of the Holy Spirit working in our hearts, so step out of your comfort zone.

Move from praying for more anointing, to functioning in the anointing that is already in you. God wants you to bring deliverance to the dark world around you. God’s children are to soar, not to walk defeated. Acknowledge the authority and power that God has given you.

God is greater than any storm that you face. Your victory is assured as you depend on God. What will anchor you is to get rooted in Christ (Philippians 1:21). It is not enough that you are anointed. The anointing that you have received is not only for you to walk in victory. It is also for people around you to see the glory of God. The purpose of God’s anointing in you will never be fulfilled until you walk in the mandate that God has for you.

(Luke 4:18) The more you stay comfortable as a child of God, the more the world around you is perishing. Jesus came to this earth because He had a mandate. The same is for us, if we want to fulfil God’s mandate for our lives, we need the Holy Spirit. God is calling us to get up, step out and give out this anointing, not only to those we like, but to everyone. Be faithful in the little that God has put inside of you and God will use what you have to bring deliverance.

To serve the Lord, you have to become uncomfortable. IT IS THE SEASON TO GO AND STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

(Luke 24:79; 11:33; Acts 1:4,8; Acts 2:4; Matthew 28:19; Isaiah 60:1) The disciples patiently waited to receive power from the Holy Spirit after which they went out to carry out their divine mandate – the great commission. After you wait and receive the power from the Holy Spirit, don’t wait again, rise up and step out! Jump out of your comfort zone.

QUESTION: We speak of the generals of old and the great things they accomplished in Christ, but why aren’t people speaking about us?

Until we step out, the anointing will never flow. You may be prayerful and spending time with God and doing all acts of a holy life before God, but God wants us to add to these by stepping up and going out. Stop sitting on your gifts, they are not for you! They are meant for the body of Christ. The more you sit on the anointing, the more you deprive the body of Christ.

If you have heard from the Lord and stepped out, but you are facing some challenges, don’t be discouraged. Keep on going on. The moment you step out, the anointing opens doors for you. People may be in bondage, but the moment we speak about Christ, you will see the manifestation of the glory of God.

God’s anointing sets us apart for His use. God’s hand is on whatever He anoints. We have to rely on God’s anointing for transformation to take place. (John 7:38) The rivers of God in you should not be stagnant, they should be flowing. Though you may be afraid, take that step and go forward. The more you give out, the more you will receive.

(Luke 12:35; Matthew 25:1-30) You are a gun in God’s hand that He wants to fire to do His purpose. Disengage from that rest position and allow the anointing to flow through you. The enemy is not afraid of an anointed believer. He is afraid of a believer who allows the anointing to flow.

PRAYER: Lord wake us up from our slumber, from our laziness. It is my season to arise and shine! It is my season to step out from under the table to the top of the table so that when people come to me they will see God’s glory. It is my season to obey what God is calling me to do. The Spirit of God is delivering me from the spirit of slumber and I begin to serve the Lord. I receive the grace to be a bold witness of Christ. I receive the boldness and healing power to be who God has called me to be. Let the rivers in me flow out and touch others. The fire of the Holy Spirit is released on me to give me a new passion for God. Nothing will stop me from doing the work of God. God is always my priority. Every spirit holding me down and preventing me to do Your work, I come against it in Jesus name.