Stay In Faith
September 4, 2022

Living The Transformed Life

Seek the life that death cannot hold captive. This LIFE is Christ. God is seeking for us to yield our members as a living sacrifice – a surrendered life (Romans 12:1-2)

(Hebrews 11:17-19) Living sacrifice precedes a transformed life. Until you die to your will, God’s perfect will won’t take place in your life. Until something dies, there is no way it can live a transformed life. God does not do the ordinary. He pushes you to the end where everything looks impossible; only then does He make the impossibe become possible.

(1 Samuel 15:22) God is not a Respecter of persons. Our obedience is what pleases Him.

Your best sacrifice is what you do in relation to looking at Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Premise your sacrifice on Christ’s sacrifice for God is the ultimate Rewarder of things.

Your soul reveals your will. The devil cannot do anything against you until you submit your will to him. The thing that makes us higher than other created beings is the gift of will/choice.

Fear is the killer of the transformed life (Matthew 14:31-32). When you get to the sonship of God, that’s when you can transform things (Matthew 4). When you get to sonship, darkness submits to you, but you don’t submit to it.

There are dimensions/realms of God that only few can walk into. It is only when you seek those dimensions through prayer that you can access them (John 1:12; Romans 8:14).

Sonship is what pleases God. Nothing overwhelms a son of God. Until things get hot, sonship cannot manifest. Go all the way to the end. God’s reward is to those who stay to the end (Revelation 2:7).

PRAYER: Jesus You are the One who transforms and gives the transformed life (John 11:25; John 1:12). As I cry unto You God, may I be a different kind of man, in Jesus name.