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Please be responsible with your fireworks. Read these houston Fire Department safety instructions and these facts about the Harris County Fire Marshal`s fireworks. People can report illegal use of fireworks by calling 713-884-3131, but if there is a fireworks emergency, call 911. This card does not replace common sense and does not give you legal advice. It`s just a starting point to get smart before setting things on fire. According to firefighters and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a legal consumption firecracker is only allowed to contain about 50 milligrams of gunpowder. They said illegal fireworks can sometimes contain up to three times as many. According to the Fort Bend County Fire Marshal`s Office, fireworks are legal in unincorporated areas. A person who sells 1.4G fireworks directly to the public must obtain a non-renewable permit for each retail outlet. ( fmlifirework.html). The sale and use of fireworks in unincorporated areas of Harris County is legal, but even so, improper use of fireworks can lead to catastrophic consequences.

The Fire Marshal encourages those who use fireworks for any purpose to read and follow instructions correctly, have a bucket or hose of water nearby, pay attention to neighbors, and clean up after themselves. When it comes to eliminating fireworks, Christensen says it`s important not to place used fireworks in or near garages, even inside garbage cans. Instead, it is recommended to first wet used fireworks, and then place them in a garbage bag outside homes, for example, at the end of the driveway. HOUSTON – Many people will use fireworks to celebrate the New Year, but there are strict restrictions on their use and heavy fines for those who use them illegally. The ban on burning does not affect the sale of fireworks this season on the fourth of July. It is illegal to shoot fireworks within the boundaries of Houston. “Public exhibitions are events organised by a licensed pyrotechnic operator,” Christensen explains. “So no, there are no places to go that are specifically designed to light fireworks.” The Harris County Commissioners` Court on Tuesday issued a national ban on burning due to drought conditions and the increased threat of wildfires in unincorporated Harris County, but fireworks will remain legal in the unincorporated portion of the county. Fireworks are illegal in Houston and the limited annexation areas of Harris County. Fireworks for the general public can be sold from December 20 to January 1 at midnight. The Office of the Fire Marshal encourages those with questions about the use of fireworks in unincorporated areas of Harris County to call (281) 999-2200 or email

Christensen also talked about the use of firearms on New Year`s Eve. It states that it is illegal to shoot with firearms and that it is particularly dangerous to shoot in the air, as the falling bullet poses a serious danger to other civilians. The Fire Marshal`s Office said on Facebook that consumers need to be careful where they buy their fireworks. Harris County Fire Marshal Laurie Christensen warns New Year`s Watchmen to keep their guns in the holster or be prosecuted. She also encouraged the safety of fireworks to protect both users and spectators. Here`s what each Houston district has to say about fireworks: For more fire safety tips from the Fire Marshal`s Office, check out their website. You will also find information on permits and regulations for the sale of fireworks. Fireworks may only be sold and fired in unincorporated areas. Many galveston county towns have banned fireworks, including Dickinson and Galveston, according to the Galveston County Daily News.

Fines for illegal use of fireworks can range from $500 to $2,000 for each fireworks display. Fireworks, whether sold or fired, are legal in unincorporated areas. You must be 500 feet from a church, school, hospital or institution unless the building has a permit. VIDEO: Houston Firefighters, ATF Demonstrate Dangers of Fireworks This may be a nuisance to some people, but there`s a positive side: Unincorporated Harris County has no ban unless you`re within 600 feet of a hospital, gas station, fireworks booth, a school, church or moving vehicle.