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I read a post from an online RV forum where the poster was a certified child seat technician. He also owns a motorized RV and he has more than one child who drives in the RV while traveling with his family. Some of his children drive sideways forward in a car seat! What I found interesting was that he mentioned that even though the ideal circumstances are not always present in an RV (forward-facing seat, screwed to the floor, pelvic straps and shoulder straps and the like), you should still use a car seat. Even if a car seat is installed in a rear- or side-facing seat, it still offers the child additional protection (albeit a little less than in an ideally configured seat configuration) than when no car seat is used. In addition, there are high-end car seats that are classified against side impacts that offer the full level of protection in the event of a side impact (or protect someone in a side-facing seat during a front or rear impact, and some exist that are certified for use in the rear or side seats, although you probably won`t find them on Walmart or Target. because they are rare, but can be ordered from manufacturers. RVs are also larger and move more slowly, which is also safer for kids, and it takes a lot more strength to return one as they are heavier. This is similar to how buses protect passengers. Illinois: All passengers under the age of 15 must wear seat belts in the back of an RV If you`re driving in a state where passengers don`t need to be fastened, either under standard laws or RV seat belt laws, you may be able to legally walk around an RV while it`s in motion. Before you walk around the RV while driving, check state laws to make sure you`re allowed to do so, as the regulations may have changed. The three parts (straps (and their attachment), the seat and the seat attachment points) are all equally important. since they are all independent points of failure (possible). Seat beltsI have a VW LT35 from 1999, which was partially converted into a motorhome.

I have 3 seats in the front (with seat belts). The rear is converted into seats, but without seat belts. I realize that it is not advisable to carry passengers on the side facing the rear seats, but is it legal? A few years later, I bought a three-seater rear in a double transit cabin. Great seat but no straps. Assembling the seat was not an issue. Drill the floor and weld into some 3″ x5″ 1/4″ thick steel spread plates. It leads nowhere. The problem remains the belt mounts – especially the top brackets. In the end, I welded a “frame” in a 20x50mm box profile. As a result tense, it is rock solid. Imagine looking from the page, a capital letter “A” rolled on the page. A “leg” is located longitudinally along the ground, a leg rises behind the chair at head level and a diagonal between them.

I welded three of these “A” sections with horizontal lengths of the box section together to form a really solid structure. This frame is then located under and behind the bench seat, which is screwed to the ground independently of the seat, with M12 screws and the same spreading plates as the seat. I bought a set of Ford Fiesta seat belts from Ebay and screwed the “wheels” to the frame. The frame also has suitable attachment points for all other seat belt mounts. Now everything is assembled and my insurer will still not insure it as I installed it myself. Apparently, it needs to be assembled professionally!!! All right. My father is a professional, so he undresses and hands it over to my father. He reconnects the screws and now a professional has mounted them and my insurer is happy too! Hi motorhome seats I have a 6 Bert motorhome and I don`t have a seat belt in the back Can I carry my grandma child in the back Vermont: Just like Utah, Vermont enforces seat belt regulations for everyone in an RV. So be sure to put on your seat belt before you hit the road. If seat belts are not structurally healthy and the “Good” or “Best” or even “OK” options above are not really options for you. You need to make parenting decisions to do your best for your child`s safety. Would a car seat in a not really structurally healthy seat belt be preferable to no car seat and only to the seat belt? Maybe.

Since there are no real tests, we can`t say for sure. Seat belts and responsibility This is exactly why I started with an old school minibus, which is fully attached to all the seats in the factory. I would recommend stocking up on seats to modernize them for a Van Darren B. If I was worth my money.. If I had seats in the RV that I knew someone would be sitting while traveling, I would make sure they were equipped with seat belts with appropriate anchovies, regardless of the legal requirements. Lap belts – seat belt fasteners Following your request, I plan to buy an Elddis 120 that has only 2 seats attached.