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If you think these cards are “safe” or “safe” or “impossible to hack”, you`d be wrong. Very wrong. Since there are many types of card technology today, we will call the vulnerable type of cards “proximity cards”. So if someone wants to clone an RFID key card, it`s not really difficult. It turns out that copies of apartment door locks and transport cards can be easily made with a radio frequency identification (RFID) copier. Countermeasures should be established, since a normal person can easily buy an RFID copier in an Internet shopping mall. Experts fear that serious crimes could occur if RFID copiers are used as evil intent. According to the industry on Wednesday, it is reported that copies of transport cards and door locks can be easily made with RFID copiers sold on foreign mall websites. These copiers are currently sold online for around $27 (KRW 30,000). This product was not manufactured for criminal purposes and makes a loud noise every time it is used and does not work well either. This product is currently used to manage membership cards or door lock keys. As its manufacturer was concerned about the possibility that its product could be used for criminal purposes, it displays a warning message asking its user to use the device for legal purposes when it is loaded. However, there must be regulations and countermeasures, as the device can be misused for serious crimes.

The Electronic Times reviewed the actual features of the product with an information protection expert. Anyone can use the device without any problems. An original card was scanned with the device in just three seconds. A blank card can then be used to store the information scanned by the device. Even information from other cards in a wallet could be easily scanned with just indirect contact. The Electronic Times tried to use the device to duplicate certain cards in a wallet. Although the device was not able to detect debit or credit cards that use integrated circuit (IC) chips, it was able to obtain information about door lock key cards and prepaid car wash cards. A copied key card for the door lock actually worked to access the corresponding door lock of the apartment. However, a copied transport card did not work normally in a metro station due to a detection error.