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Arthur Rieman the Law Firm for Nonprofits

As a law firm and business law firm for nonprofits, we will: As the managing attorney of the law firm for nonprofits, Arthur is often invited to speak and write about the latest developments impacting charities, foundations, and their board members. He has served on not-for-profit boards and numerous advisory boards. Arthur continues to help nonprofits with an insider perspective and the goal of success. Has every organization. As a managing attorney at the law firm for nonprofits, Arthur is frequently invited to speak and write about the latest developments impacting charities, foundations, and their board members. He has served on not-for-profit boards and numerous advisory boards. Arthur continues to help nonprofits with an insider perspective and an eye on how to lead any organization to success. Because of his passion for advocacy, volunteering and advising non-profit organizations, Arthur brings a humanistic and real-world approach to his non-profit legal practice. The non-profit law firm exclusively serves the legal needs of nonprofits, board members, and donors, and focuses on transactions, tax matters, liability, and governance. Visit us at, where you can also subscribe to the firm`s blog, Non-Profit Legal Matters.

A graduate of UCLA Law School, Arthur also holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He has worked as a lawyer specializing in transactional and civil rights in national and specialized law firms, regularly supporting non-profit organizations and start-ups. Prior to founding The Law Firm for Non-Profits, he was General Counsel for a national direct marketing company. Shaped by this context, Arthur`s growing passion promotes entrepreneurial and business best practices in individual nonprofits and the industry as a whole. LFNP has worked with more than 1,500 non-profit organizations dedicated to the arts, animal rescue, environmental and social issues, youth sports and countless other non-profit, educational, scientific and religious organizations. The firm is known for its accessibility and its desire to transform complicated legal language into simple language. Their motto is: Help the right people do good. Founded in August 1996 by Arthur Rieman in Los Angeles as a solo firm, LFNP opened an office in Santa Barbara in 2019 and plans to continue its expansion.

The company has become well-known over the past 25 years, building working relationships with regulators and a solid reputation in the nonprofit field. The company continues to thrive nationally while maintaining a strong presence in California. “Casey adds tremendously to the company and is exceptional when it comes to managing people. She is an organizational leader,” said Rieman, Managing Partner and Founder of LFNP. As a keynote speaker on topics of interest to directors and leaders of nonprofit organizations, Arthur has taught at UCLA, USC, Claremont Graduate School, CalArts, and the Chinese University of Political Science and Law. He is the author of numerous articles on nonprofit law and co-author of Advice California Nonprofits. Arthur lives by the nonprofit law firm`s registered motto, “helping the right people do good things.” Arthur Rieman is the executive counsel for The Law Firm for Non-Profits, P.C., a commercial law ® firm that exclusively serves nonprofits, their boards of directors and donors. Arthur has worked with non-profit organizations for 35 years, the last 26 of them full-time, and is a recognized leader in the field. He advises, among other things, on all aspects of tax law for exempt organizations, including unrelated business income, advocacy, international philanthropy, self-negotiation, exemption requests, written decision requests, and IRS (and Attorney General) audits. His transactional practice focuses on not-for-profit mergers, joint ventures, subsidiaries, risk management, fiduciary duty, board disputes and corporate governance. This year`s celebration is reinforced by the announcement of Casey Summar`s appointment to the firm.

Email: ajkscr@rpgtqufc.educhubh@odjm.comapfwi@ooeeyas.netwqspdf@eluobeao.govsrradcndr@odigobwa.or | Website: Not available The summary has played a critical role in the company`s growth and has worked closely with clients on a variety of complex issues. She joined LFNP in 2018 after 12 years as an attorney in Nashville, Tennessee, where she served as in-house counsel and executive director of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. “We complement each other,” she said. “The difference with what we do is that we approach our work in our company in a collaborative way. Arthur built something very special. “We explain the pros and cons so that the client has tools to weigh the options and make the best decision for the organization, not just from a legal point of view,” he said. Rieman holds an MBA in addition to his law degree, which allows him to offer contextualized knowledge and ideas and develop legal solutions that avoid different harms to nonprofits. It`s time to think about year-end charitable giving. For 2021, there is a plethora of enticing incentives for donors looking to get a tax deduction on their donations. 100% deductibility 2021 is the last year in which monetary donations to public charities (with the exception of donor-advised funds) amount to 100% of the . Address: The Law Firm For Nonprofits PC, 4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Ste 306, Valley Village, CA 91607-5940 Senior Communications Consultant at WE ARE ORCHARD LIMITED at the Energy Institute You will leave the California State Bar website and be redirected by a California attorney to an external web address provided to the State Bar.