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Buying or selling a home will be one of the most important transactions of your life – it could also be one of the most stressful. Choosing the right lawyer for the transfer is the key to successfully selling or buying your home. If you are just selling, you will have to pay your lawyer or real estate agent to prepare the CBE. Legal fees and real estate agent fees will be paid from the proceeds of the sale after completion, before a balance is sent to you. Click here to find out how our Housing Services team can help you with your cause. As experienced lawyers for the transfer, we will thoroughly check the title of the property from the beginning. This means highlighting potential problems in the early stages, saving you time and money. Hopefully, all will be well, but this research can sometimes reveal problems such as disputes over the definition of boundaries or construction work or extensions that have been carried out without a building permit. We are here to make sure that there are no surprises and if there are any, that your best interests are taken care of. At Ashtons Legal, our lawyers in Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich, Diss and Bury St Edmunds are committed to providing you with a friendly and simple service. Businesses only survive and thrive when they deliver what their customers and customers want. At Ashtons Legal, our goal is to be a law firm that you proudly call “your lawyers” and that you are happy to recommend.

Whether you are a commercial client or a unique client and whatever your legal needs, our goal is to always provide world-class legal advice with exceptional service. WARNING – The legal industry is experiencing a sharp increase in emails sent by scammers claiming to be valid lawyers to receive funds from clients. If you think you have received a suspicious email from Ashtons Legal, please contact our switchboard. Click here for more information. Our answers to frequently asked questions by our intermediary customers. The transfer of ownership is the word used to manage the legal formalities of buying and selling a house. Our property transfer lawyers handle all types of property transactions for clients throughout East Anglia and beyond from our offices in Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds. We also serve residential real estate developers across the country and provide commercial real estate transfer services. You can find more information about our services in the field of commercial real estate here.

When you buy a property, you will have to pay Property Stamp Duty Tax (SDLT) if the price is higher than the legal amount, which is currently £125,000. The amount of stamp duty is paid on the full amount of the purchase price. Base interest rates are calculated on the scale below. However, for first-time buyers, second-time buyers, and commercial purchases, these prices are different and you should contact one of our transfer specialists for more information on these rates. Our experienced team of property transfer lawyers is an accredited member of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme – the seal of approval for the home buying process. Our lawyers work hard to keep clients informed of the costs of the ongoing legal work we do for you. They turn to us for legal solutions that offer good value for money and are delivered in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Our goal is to go further and offer an exceptional customer experience to all those who choose our advice. The transfer process often goes quite well, but sometimes there can be a problem and the most common things are: I had a terrible one. The RTC that changed my life last February absolutely shocked my life.

At first I didn`t know what to do, but thank you for coming across this Ashtons Legal company thanks to Addenbrookes` recommendation. I asked for help and Mr. Wangermann helped me from start to finish. I can`t recommend this company highly enough as they have been very supportive and leave nothing to chance. The attention to detail is exceptional and they handle your case in the most professional way possible. Michael has been an excellent lawyer from the very beginning. It wastes no time and is very effective. It gives the best legal advice you can get. I am eternally grateful for the help Michael and his team at Ashton Legal have given me. If you have any immediate questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us about environmental research that will be carried out to see if there are landfills or disposal points in the area, or if the property was built on a former industrial site and if there are any risks related to contaminated land. toxic emissions, floods, reductions, etc. Can I redeem contracts before receiving my mortgage offer? All homes that come onto the market for sale no longer need to have a Home Information Record (HIP), but you still need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

In some cases, we are able to provide a price range or fixed fee for clarity. Harpur v. Brazel: Supreme Court Decision to Calculate Leave for Part-Time Workers Payments are costs related to your case that must be paid to third parties, such as land registration fees or research fees. We process the payment of withdrawals on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. The buyer`s lawyer will decide what research is needed in a particular case, but the most important in each transaction are: Municipal search This shows the details of the planning history of the property and whether the council has any planning violations, proposals for new roads or new traffic regulations, protection orders for trees, protected areas or other matters under the control of the board that may affect the property. However, the research does not give building permits or applications for adjacent plots. If the mortgage offer is rejected or delayed for any reason, or contains conditions that you cannot meet, the money will not be available if necessary. It would therefore be extremely dangerous to exchange contracts without getting a mortgage offer, and any competent lawyer would strongly advise you not to do so. I used Steeles Law to sell a business space. They were very helpful and efficient throughout the process and responded very quickly to a late issue just before the exchange to get the sale across the line.

I would recommend them and use them again for my next property. This is done shortly before completion to find out if there are any new mortgages registered on the property that have not been disclosed before. If this is the case, the buyer`s lawyer will of course demand confirmation that they will be refunded. If you are simply selling or have a surplus after completing your sale and purchase, your attorney will always try to send it to you on the day of completion or the next business day. Payment is usually made by check, but for larger amounts, your lawyer can transfer money directly to your bank, for which there is an additional fee to pay. You must apply in advance and provide your account details to your lawyer. Always remember that the golden rule is “Let the buyer be careful” so that you (provided you have not been misled) will be held responsible for any problems you discover after exchanging contracts. These are some important steps in the life of the transaction. Click here to learn more about our “Moving Competence” brochure. The estimated total cost for this scenario is broken down as follows: £2,302.40 Here are some examples of costs for five different scenarios: Most people believe that buying or selling your home is one of the most stressful events in your life. Land registration fees are determined by the land registry – information on fees can be found here.

Related links for customers looking for information about the move. The amount of coverage should be equal to the estimated cost of rebuilding the property if it burns to the ground, which does not necessarily correspond to the current market value. If you have been surveyed or received a mortgage, your appraiser or the lender`s appraiser will generally have suggested a minimum amount of coverage in their report. If there is no chain, the property is empty, the buyer does not need a mortgage and if: Dear Cath Thank you for your fabulous comment, I am very happy to have been able to help you bring your claim to a satisfactory conclusion and help you leave it all behind. I wish you all the best for the future, warm greetings Mandy Thorough, detailed, fast and good advice. We worked well with our own lawyer who was very impressed. In particular, experienced partner Matthew Cameron was supported by intern Sarah-Jane Legge, who was more than thorough, knowledgeable and a pleasure.