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Beale & Company (Middle East) is the first truly specialized construction law firm to establish itself in the United Arab Emirates. Unlike many other law firms that provide construction law services in the UAE, Beale & Company (Middle East) advises exclusively on construction and engineering matters. As a specialized construction and engineering practice, they have provided legal advice and support to clients on some of the GCC`s best-known construction projects. “Tara Cosgrove offers exceptional service. Her legal knowledge and experience is immense and she always provides prudent, economically sensitive and reasonable advice. It is also a pleasure to work with her. “Martin Browne is an excellent lawyer. Committed, experienced and up-to-date for all current legal trends. “They consistently provide high-quality advice, no matter how tight deadline we give them. They often act as an extension of our in-house legal department and have taken the time to get to know our company`s management and project teams and how we work as a company to better support us as a company. No other law firm has been so engaged in our activities.

Their team of partners and legal advisors dedicated to Dubai provides specialized legal services related to contract and project management, dispute prevention, dispute resolution and international arbitration. International: Dubai`s growing practice serves clients across the GCC and acts as a hub for working for clients in Africa. The company has extensive experience in advising developers, contractors, consultants and their insurance providers on international construction and engineering, infrastructure, electricity and energy projects. She has advised clients on some of the GCC`s best-known construction projects. Beale & Company is a founding member of the European Lexicom network. He maintains relationships with the African Legal Network, which has more than 580 lawyers in 14 major African cities. David is a partner in the Bristol office, specialising in defending claims against professionals, with a particular focus on legal and construction professionals and advising insurance clients on insurance coverage. “We work closely with Tara Cosgrove, who has extensive experience in dispute resolution. Tara has the ability to bring clarity to some complex legal issues and is highly regarded as a highly competent, friendly and trustworthy lawyer. Sarah Conroy, Killian Dorney and Martin Browne are also highly skilled lawyers who take a reasonable and pragmatic approach to litigation. They understand the need to help clients throughout the litigation and are always available to provide assistance.

Beale & Company`s philosophy is to provide commercial and cost-effective legal advice, with a commitment to prioritizing client needs at every step. “Tara Cosgrove, Sarah Conroy, Killian Dorney, Feena Robinson, Niamh Loughran and the rest of the team provided clear legal advice based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the construction industry. The individual service has always been professional and efficient and the team members involved have supported and guided us through the associated legal processes. In addition, David regularly gives seminars and presentations on legal and regulatory issues relevant to insurers and their professional clients. Prior to joining Beale & Company, David had extensive experience in advising professionals – first as a claims agent for several professional liability insurers and then as in-house legal and commercial counsel for a large international consulting firm. Beale & Co is a boutique specializing in construction and insurance that is well positioned to serve professional liability insurers and construction professionals with active practice in the areas of law, architecture and financial services. Ross Baker and Martin Jensen, who both joined the firm from BLM in 2022, have a proven track record of advising clients in the financial sector and defending claims against lawyers and real estate agents. President Antony Smith continues to work for construction clients, both in the UK and abroad. Jenny Jeapes, partner, is a name to watch. “Tara Cosgrove and Sarah Conroy were particularly good.

Both showed a detailed understanding of the construction industry and were excellent at communicating legal implications to construction professionals who had no legal training and were always available when problems arose in the short term. “Mouchel Limited – is now part of WSP/Parson Brinkerhoff. Insurance: As an integral part of the company`s work, specialists advise on D&O risks, financial institutions, property and casualty insurance, products, cyber, education and EL/PL related to claims (including claims handling and delegated government systems), coverage advice and policy formulation. “Claire Miller stands out as one of the best lawyers in the UAE. It offers excellent results for its clients. The recent addition of Lyndon Richards expands the team and is a great attitude. “A boutique law firm with a very competent and accessible staff specialized in construction law. They have been in the game for a long time and are able to quickly understand technical and business problems. “Andrew Croft is very knowledgeable and has an excellent understanding of the construction industry and current issues. “Very intelligent lawyers who are technically excellent and have good judgment. “Personalized service, they know their customers and take the time to build relationships. “Beales has a long history and a deep understanding of working with construction professionals. They know their customers, are in tune with the industry and are aware of the challenges we face.

One of their strengths is the defense of construction professionals and they are able to handle all disputes. Prior to joining Beale and Company, Nathan spent six years with the insurance team of an international rating agency, where he provided tailored credit and financial analysis to Lloyd`s Syndicates, non-life, life and composite insurers for various financial institutions. University College Dublin, Business & Legal Studies University of West of England, LPC`Claire Miller is a smart and strategic lawyer. Their responsiveness and knowledge make it difficult to hire other lawyers. Their handling of complex construction conflicts is second to none. Claire is aware of the details of every dispute and claim she is investigated in, and effortlessly manages to keep track of external third-party experts to help her with these claims. Claire is an economically strong and robust lawyer who does not sit “on the fence” and works tirelessly to solve problems and protect the interests of her clients. “An excellent law firm with exceptional practice in insurance and reinsurance litigation. Beale & Co`s lawyers are a detail-oriented team that spares no effort and offers its clients a quality of service that is not easy to achieve.