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Middle Name on Legal Documents

Name PositionDate Beneficiaryâ Full legal name of beneficiaryName of authorized representativeDate<Date of acceptance> Annex 1ââââ -Project Report End RequirementsYou must provide the following information in your project completion report. Non-Latin letters in names are not prohibited by any law. In fact, a person born in China, Japan or Russia, for example, may be given a name (at birth) that includes non-Latin letters or characters – even if they are of British nationality. “Officially recognised” British titles are considered part of a legal name in the UK. Full legal name of applicant) has read and understood the tender and is fully capable and qualified to provide the products and/or services described in this bid. I would add that the name printed on your credit/debit card is not always the one you will use in some cases. For example, my debit card doesn`t have a middle initial, but I have to use my middle initial when ordering things. It may or may not be some kind of crazy security feature. I have no idea. In Saskatchewan, our land registry and judgment registry “talk” to each other, with the judgment registry constantly checking the land registry for new records that can be associated with a name that matches a name that appears in the land registry. In many cases, when a person is entered in the court registry, the registrant registers both a full name (i.e., “John Henry Doe”) and the short version (i.e., “John Doe”) to ensure that they register any property that may be registered in the name of the judgement creditor.

— are also not a separate part of your name. If they are part of your official name, they should usually be part of your last name (at the end). In Dutch, “sr.” and “jr.” are used socially rather than legally, but the system is not extended to “III” and beyond. Instead, Piet de Vries jr. after the death of his father to Piet de Vries sr., if there is a grandson named Piet who accepts the junior title. Otherwise, the suffix is omitted. It depends on what it is for. If it`s something that`s not particularly important, like a shipping address or a survey, don`t bother if you don`t feel like it. If it`s something like patient forms in the doctor`s office, you should probably include your middle name, especially if your first and/or last name is fairly common, but anyone is unlikely to care if you don`t. If it`s something financial, write down exactly what`s printed on your credit card if you use one (usually the middle initial, I think), and include your middle name when opening a bank account or applying for a loan.

If it`s something legal, like voter registration or a permit, use your full legal name, including your middle name. A first or last name may have accents or diacritics. When in doubt, or when many names are (or have been) used, names that have been used for formal, solemn and official purposes – over a longer period of time – carry more weight than names used for temporary, social or everyday purposes. If the name on the immigration document differs from the name on other evidence filed for a Social Security number, treat the Social Security number in the name on the immigration document as long as the name can be derived from the other evidence (e.g., foreign passport). Other versions of the name that appear on other required documents must appear in the Enumeration System Alternative Names fields after RM 10205.130. Even if the register of judgments does not automatically register a new decision against existing titles, the judgement creditor will often do so himself. So, again, if you have your full name on the title, avoid having to do additional paperwork to have that claim withdrawn (unless the debtor has exactly the same name as you). Of course, some names would be illegal as an indirect consequence of more general laws. For example, any name containing racist language would be illegal under section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986. Check your state`s laws for any requirements you need to meet before filing a petition to change your name. Not all states have preconditions, but some do. Colorado, for example, requires you to submit your fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation at least 90 days before the name change for criminal background checks.