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No Win No Fee Solicitors Employment Law Manchester

We provide free assistance for a range of employment law issues such as unfair dismissal, disguised dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing and illegal wage deduction. At Anderton Law, we offer a wide range of employment law services, including: It is the norm in claims like yours to be assigned a one-hour hearing and have the labour judge sit alone. If you feel that it should be heard by a full tribunal, you must inform the Labour Court in writing and state the reasons for your decision. The labour judge will ensure that you perform the steps described below calmly and moderately. However, you may need to be determined to move the case forward to ensure that it progresses at a pace that allows it to be dealt with in a timely manner. Many employment lawyers don`t like to work with no-winner, no-fee funding because the risks are too high. While risk is clearly an important factor, we have been acting together for employees and managers with very high success rates for over 20 years. We are therefore well placed to assess these risks. Our experience and positive results, in turn, give us the confidence to offer some form of free financing wherever we can.

If you have an employment law problem at your workplace, contact one of our employment lawyers near Manchester city centre. Whether you work in the private or public sector, your employment rights are protected by law. Regardless of your work environment, big or small, there may be issues between you and your employer that require legal action. To protect your job and future career, our employment lawyers in Manchester can advise you on your labour dispute and the steps we are taking to protect your rights. Case 4 – We brought an action on behalf of a client for unfair dismissal because his employer had dismissed him and had not applied a fair assessment test before making his decision. Our client`s employer had also not considered appropriate alternatives to dismissal. We won our client`s case at the last Labour Court hearing and he was awarded over £30,000 as compensation for his losses. We supported this client on a no-winning, no-cost basis, meaning they didn`t have to pay any fees in advance of our help. We understand this can be a troubling time, so Simpson Millar Employment Solicitors in Manchester strives to make your application as stress-free as possible.

We have a great track record and our 180 years of legal experience means we have the expertise to fight for your labour rights. Case 6 – We were hired by a client who had previously filed complaints of discrimination and victimization on the basis of disability in an employment tribunal, but was struggling to handle the case himself. The client had been dismissed and had not found a job since his dismissal. In these circumstances, we were able to assist the client in a “no win no fee” agreement and negotiate a settlement of over £14,000, even though the employer had insisted prior to our direction that it did not want to have settlement talks. Ellie Adshead from our employment team advises on damage-based arrangements, also commonly known as no-win, no-fee agreements. Ellie explains how our team can help you, what types of cases are eligible for this type of agreement, and provides an overview of the claims process of this nature. An agreement based on damages allows you to bind us with respect to your right to employment without the risk of paying fees upfront. This means that you will only pay anything if your claim is accepted or if we obtain compensation on your behalf and our costs are deducted directly from the compensation you claim. We are also regularly consulted as experts on UK employment law in the media. These include the BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, LBC News Radio, ITN, Radio London, Talk Radio, Radio 5 Live, The Wall Street Journal and The Independent, The Times and The Telegraph.

What does “no win no fee” mean in labour law? If you have a dispute at work, are considering a claim, or already have a claim pending in employment court, Stephensons can offer support and legal assistance at no cost. If you are involved in a conflict with your employer, we understand the stress and uncertainty it can cause not only for your professional life, but also for your personal life. Therefore, you do not want a lawyer to handle your case. They want the best. Anderton Law is a specialist employment law firm serving clients in Manchester with extensive experience in successfully fighting for justice for our clients. We are truly a national employment law firm, and our clients range from municipal staff and executives in banks and blue-chip companies to staff working in small and medium-sized businesses (or government agencies) in most professions across the UK. Many employment lawyers don`t like to work without earnings or fees because the risks are too high. While risk is clearly an important factor, we have been acting for employees and managers for many years and are well positioned to assess these risks. We understand how stressful and upsetting it can be when you are unfairly fired, discriminated against or your employment contract is violated. Our employment lawyers in Manchester provide open, simple and clear employment law advice so you know where you stand legally. As part of Stephensons` employment department, we provide assistance to our clients in labour litigation under a “damages agreement”. This is an agreement that allows us to help you, similar to a no-earner or no-fee basis.

As UK employment lawyers, working only for staff and senior managers, we are always ready to take on cases on a no-win basis, at no cost if that is your preference. We know that this is often an attractive option at a time when financial security is uncertain. However, you may be reluctant to hire a lawyer because of the lawyer`s fees. But there is no profit without Manchester attorneys` fees who can represent you without advance payment. What this means, we explain below. Contact Claims Bible to determine the value of your infringement claim. Case 3 – We recently assisted a client in filing a wrongful dismissal lawsuit after his employer dismissed him without following any procedures or conducting a disciplinary investigation into the allegations against him. We then prepared our client for his final hearing in the Employment Court and he managed to get over £20,000 in compensation for the loss he suffered as a result of his dismissal. As part of his sentence, our client received a 25% increase in his remuneration because the judge ruled that his employer had not complied with the ACAS Code of Conduct when he was dismissed. Our support in this client file was financed by his legal protection insurance, to which he had access via his household insurance. If you have an employment problem where you need legal help, read on to learn more about us and the services we offer.

The Labour Court will decide whether your application is allowed or rejected and successful, which should be granted. Also known as contingency fees or contingency fees, a no-earnings, no-fee payment helps you get legal representation without having to worry about attorney fees.