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Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah

The IRS is significantly delayed in processing annual nonprofit income tax returns (Form 990). As a result, the Accountability & Finance score for Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah Inc. is outdated and the overall score may not be representative of current operations. Please contact the charity directly if you have any questions. Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah Inc. cannot currently be evaluated using our Impact & Results methodology because either (A) it is eligible, but we have not yet received any data; (B) we have not yet developed an algorithm to estimate its programmatic impact; (C) its programs are not direct services; or (D) it does not rely heavily on contributions from individual donors. Form 990 is a document that nonprofits file annually with the IRS. We use the resulting financial and accountability data to create overall ratings. Click here to view that organization`s Form 990 on the IRS website (if applicable).

The program cost ratio is determined by program spending divided by total costs (average of the last three years 990). This measure reflects the percentage of its total spending that a charity spends on the programs and services it is supposed to provide. Utah Legal Services (ULS) is a nonprofit law firm founded in 1976 that is dedicated to achieving equal justice by providing low-income Utahns with free legal assistance in non-criminal matters. We create a level playing field and ensure that everyone has a voice in the legal system. Thank you for your interest in Utah Legal Services and for your support of our work. Our staff and I consider it an honour to work hard for people who otherwise would not have an effective voice in our legal system. Together, we commit to ensuring equal justice and meeting the basic needs of Utah`s poor and disadvantaged. With the help of our many partners and you, we can make this ideal a reality. Thank you very much. Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah, a Utah-based nonprofit, is dedicated to the legal needs of nonprofits.

From incorporation to applying for 501(c)(3) status to meeting your organization`s day-to-day legal requirements, we`re here to help. We offer flexible and affordable pricing on a sliding scale depending on the size of your business. NLSU specializes in working with small nonprofits and start-ups and tailors our approach to the specific circumstances you face. TELEPHONE: 800-678-8868 OR 202-295-1670 FAX: 202-337-7155 EMAIL: HOTLINE@OIG.LSC.GOV MAIL: P.O. BOX 3699, WASHINGTON, DC 20027-0199 An official record of events during a Board meeting ensures that a concurrent document is available for future reference. IF YOU WISH, YOUR IDENTITY WILL BE TREATED CONFIDENTIALLY Reports can be made anonymously Charity Navigator is seeking at least 3 board members, more than 50% of whom are identified as independent (not employed). This total score is calculated entirely from a single tag score: 100% Accountability & Finance. Learn more about our criteria and methods.

This chart shows the trend in revenues and expenses over the past few years for this organization, as reported on their IRS Form 990. The charity`s score is 75%, earning it a three-star rating. If this organization aligns with your passions and values, you can give with confidence. An audit, review or compilation provides important information about financial accountability and accuracy. Organizations are assessed based on their total revenues: Independent – The organization is an independent organization or an independent aid organization (i.e., not affiliated with a national, regional or geographic grouping of organizations). (BMF Membership Code: 3) Non-profit legal counsel to Utah Inc. cannot currently be assessed using our culture and community methodology, as we have not received data from the charity on its feedback or diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Note: The absence of a score does not mean a positive or negative rating, but only that we have not yet evaluated the organization.

This policy establishes guidelines for the processing, backup, archiving and destruction of documents. These policies promote good record-keeping practices that promote data integrity. Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah Inc. reported its largest program on its Form 990 for fiscal year 2019 as: This tag provides an assessment of a charity`s financial health (financial efficiency, sustainability, and reliability) and its commitment to governance practices and policies. An organization that receives a substantial portion of its support from a government entity or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) (BMF Foundation Code: 15). The donation basket has some problems. If you would like to make a donation, please refresh the page. If the problem persists, contact us.

Cart ID: Not assigned This policy protects the organization and, more generally, those it serves when it considers entering into a transaction that could benefit the personal interests of an officer, director or key employee of the organization. In all cases, however, you are protected by ULS`s whistleblower policy. Note: The absence of a score does not mean a positive or negative rating, but only that we have not yet evaluated the organization. This policy outlines procedures for handling employee grievances, as well as a confidential way for employees to report financial or other mismanagement. Not-for-profit organizations operate under public trust and public reporting of activities is an important element. The presence of an independent governing body is highly recommended by many industry experts to allow for full consultation and diversity of thought on governance and other organizational issues. The ratio of liabilities to assets is the sum of liabilities divided by total assets (most recently 990). This ratio is an indicator of an organization`s solvency and/or long-term viability. Charity Navigator is looking for a conflict of interest policy on Form 990 as a measure of accountability and transparency. Utah Legal Services is a Legal Services Corporation (LSC) Fellow. We are required to inform donors that our funds cannot be used in a manner inconsistent with the Act respecting the Société des services juridiques or section 504 of Public Law 104-134. The Act and regulations are available at

Charity Navigator would like to confirm on Form 990 that the organization has established this process as a measure of accountability and transparency. The following are some key data points from the Business Master File (BMF) of the exempt organization for that organization. Learn more about BMF on the IRS website This tag provides an assessment of the organization`s leadership, strategic thinking, and planning, as well as its ability to innovate or respond to changes in member demand/needs or other social and economic conditions relevant to achieving the organization`s mission. Please call or write to the Office of the Inspector General: Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah Inc. earned 75% for the Accountability & Finance tag. For more information, see the metrics below. Select your cause and enter an email address and message. Up to five of the highest-paid employees in this organization are featured here. This compensation data includes salaries, cash bonuses and expense accounts, and is displayed exactly as shown to the IRS.

Amounts do not include non-taxable benefits, deferred considerations, or other amounts not listed on Form W-2. In some cases, these amounts may include compensation from affiliated organizations. Read the IRS guidelines for compensation reporting.