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Nose Definition in Dictionary

He walked first to one side, then to the other, digging into the earth with his funny rubbery nose. Benjy sympathized with his wishes, changed his attitude and only managed to touch the nose of his enemy. Your nose is the part of the body that protrudes from your face (not this pimple, the pointed feature with two nostrils used to feel). Like brain regions, each stage looks for different types of general pictorial elements, as the brain finds them, rather than looking for eyes, nose, etc. Middle English, Old English Nosu; Similar to the old nose nasa of High German, Latin nasus, I will look up if you offer me the rest of the delicious pastries you have nibbled on. Nose 1. (Science: Anatomy) The prominent part of the face or forelimb of the head that contains the nostrils and olfactory cavities; the olfactory organ. See nostril and Riechorgel under smell. 2. The power of smell; Hence the perfume.

We are not offended with a dog for a better nose than his master. (necklace) 3. A protruding end or spout at the front of an object; a muzzle; a nozzle; a beak; like the nose of a bellows; the nose of a tea kettle. Nasal bite, a thin, wide, membranous fold of skin on the nose of many species of bats. Its size and shape vary greatly. Nose wax, fig, a flexible and easy to influence person. A wax nose that must be turned in all directions. nose piece, the nozzle of a pipe, hose, bellows, etc.; The end part of a microscope body to which an objective is attached. To hold the nose to the whetstone, put or bring. See grindstone.

Drive beyond the nose, direct it at will, or let it follow obediently; Lead blindly, as a person drives an animal. Throwing your nose off the rails, especially to humiliate pride. By suppressing one in the affection of the other. To stick your nose, to interfere officially. Wipe your nose, steal yourself; to fly. Origin: AS. Nosu; similar to D. Neus, G. Nase, OHG. Nasa, Iceland.

Nos, Sw. Nasa, Dan. Nez, lith. Nosis, Russ. Nos`, L. Nasus, nares, Skr. Nasa, nas. Cf. nasal, nasturtium, naze, nostril, buzzard. Source: Websters Dictionary The olfactory organ and the entrance to the respiratory tract; the prominent part of the face of humans or other mammals; He has a cold in his nose. The projection on a vertebrate face, which is involved in collecting a sense of smell from the external environment. In addition, your nose is in front of your face and the sun will rise tomorrow.

They should have pointed the nose of the Airbus down and applied more force. He closed his fist and hit Butterface, a weak but well-meaning right-hander, on the nose. A nose is a sensory organ – Your nose tells you if the milk has gone wrong or if the melon is ripe. The dogs` noses give them even more information about where their owners have been or about nearby cats hanging out in their yard. When someone says you have “a nose” for something, they mean you`re talented at it. As a verb, nose means to grasp or interfere, or for an animal to press its nose against or into something. These are words that are often used in combination with the nose. There, clusters of nerve endings called glomeruli organize olfactory signals received in the nose. The biggest stumbling block is that we still don`t know how individual smells activate the entire neural highway from nose to brain. The virus could have spread if rodents groomed themselves, rubbed their noses or moved. His nose was hook-shaped and quite large, his eyes were blue, shiny like steel and a little wide. Hold your nose (= squeeze both sides) and put your head under water.

The girl started humming as she powdered her nose with a white glove and lay in a powder box. A spandex mask spread over his face, covering his eyes and nose. So he convinced his superiors to let him take some devices home so he could assess whether cloth masks reduced the number of potentially virus-laden particles that spit out people`s mouths and noses when they talk, cough or breathe. The fight continues and Chan is beaten and suffers a broken nose. Organisms use different strategies to strengthen their defenses against antigens. Humans have an immune system to fight pathogens. Read this tutorial to learn the first and second lines of defense that the human body uses. This tutorial explores perception because two people can interpret the same thing differently.

Discover human perception in action, spatial consciousness and illusions. A better understanding of these aspects is helpful in understanding how the mind works. This tutorial looks at the mutation in the gene and the damage it can cause. Learn about single nucleotide polymorphisms, temperature-sensitive mutations, indels, repeated trinucleotide dilations and gene duplication. Learn about some of New Zealand`s unique wildlife, including endemic insects, frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals, and examine why many have such distinctive features. You`ll also learn why there are so few native mammals and the impact of introduced pests on unique natural ecosystems. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: During fertilization, a zygote forms and develops into an embryo. This tutorial examines the growth and development of the zygote to the embryo and possibly to a human baby.