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The Vice President of Legal Affairs is the General Counsel and General Counsel of the University of Texas at Austin, as well as President, Trustee, Faculty and Staff when acting in the course of his or her employment. The Vice-President is also Chief Ethics Officer. The Office of Legal Affairs is committed to the guiding principles of accountability, integrity and professionalism. We are also committed to providing timely, high-quality legal services to support the educational environment on behalf of the University of West Georgia (UWG). If a legal issue arises in the course of your work at the University of West Georgia, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at 678-839-1385 or send your legal requests to legal@westga.edu. For any request related to the contract, please send an e-mail to contracts@westga.edu. The Office of Legal Affairs is unable to provide legal advice or advice to employees or students on personal matters unrelated to the University. UC Legal – The Office of the General Counsel (UCL) provides legal services to the University, including advocacy, advice, research and training. We also prepare legal opinions for the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff and others acting on behalf of the University. We report jointly to the Board of Directors and the President. The Legal Aid Office does not have the authority to provide legal advice to individuals. Our mission is to provide quality service and leadership in the proactive management and coordination of academic law issues; support and enhance the University`s education, research, public mission, fundamental purpose and core values; and advancing the University`s overall mission by: We are the source of system-wide legal representation, advice and guidance.

This includes bringing a legal and ethical perspective and strategies to university decision-making and planning; Development of strategies and consultation on creative ways to establish and promote academic programs and cooperation on campus, in our state, nationally and internationally; resolution of legal issues; providing training on legal issues; University-wide representation on committees; provide further legal and ethical advice, guidance and representation; litigation management; managing the use of outside counsel; Representation of the university in national and state discussions on legal and policy issues; and in collaboration with the UT General Counsel`s Office and the Attorney General`s Office. If you are a faculty or staff member and need legal services on your own, you should consult a private lawyer. If you are unable to pay for legal services, you may be eligible for assistance from the Georgia Legal Services Program or the Georgia State Bar. Our office does not represent university administrators, faculty, staff, students or individuals in personal legal matters. Please take a moment to use the resources available on this site. If you have any legal questions regarding academic affairs, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at (229) 500-3502.Sincerely,Joel Wright, J.D.Director of Legal Affairs As such, the Office of Legal Affairs is responsible, among other things, for interpreting state and federal laws, formulating and preparing legal opinions, review and/or drafting of legal documents such as contracts, and assistance with the formulation of responsible guidelines. Reporting directly to the President, the Legal Office is responsible for assisting and advising the President, administration, faculty and staff on a wide range of matters of legal importance. To maximize efficiency and track the delivery of legal services, the Office of Legal Affairs has created the Legal Services Request Form, which can be used by academic staff. If you require OLA services, please click the button below. The conformity of contracts concluded on behalf of the university is verified by the legal department.

Trenten Klingerman joined UVM`s Office of the General Counsel in September 2022. The Vice-President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel serves as the University`s Chief Legal Officer, overseeing the University`s legal affairs and directing the Office of the General Counsel. The Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel advises the Board of Directors, the President, officers and other persons responsible for the management of the academic and administrative units. This includes advising on transactional matters, dispute resolution, legal and regulatory issues related to or arising from academic activities, and policy formulation. The Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel is also Assistant Secretary to the Board of Directors. The content of this website and related links are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The Office of Legal Affairs and Industrial Relations does not provide personal legal advice or representation to faculty, staff or students. On behalf of the Attorney-General, the Deputy Attorney-General in charge of the Legal Aid Service advises the President and all executive authorities. The Office prepares the legal opinions of the Attorney General and issues its own written and other advice in response to requests from the President`s Adviser, the various executive agencies and other parts of the Ministry of Justice. These requests generally involve particularly complex and important legal issues, or on which two or more organizations disagree. The Office is also responsible for reviewing and advising on the constitutionality of pending legislation.

Meets the legal needs of the University, its departments, departments, affiliates and employees. We are guided by operating principles: integrity and the highest ethical standards; a commitment to excellence; continuously updated legal expertise; Professionalism; Creativity; informed decision-making; Prevention; Efficiency; Risk management; Teamwork; effective communication; courtesy and respect; Consensus; Punctuality; and professional growth. Our office reports directly to the President and serves as a link between the institution and legal affairs of the U.S. Government and the Attorney General`s Office. Subpoenas, subpoenas or other documents that appear to relate to legal proceedings should be promptly transmitted to the Office of Legal Affairs. You can also contact this office for any request for mutual legal assistance. If you need help with a contract, please visit the Contract Management page. All implementing regulations and substantive proclamations to be issued by the President are reviewed as to form and legality by the Office of the Legal Counsel, as well as various other matters requiring the formal approval of the President. Disclaimer: The Bureau of Legal Affairs at Albany State University has provided these web pages for general information purposes only.

Users should always consult with duly authorized legal counsel if legal issues are involved. The materials presented are for informational purposes only and for the internal use of Albany State University. Links to Internet resources outside the domain asurams.edu are provided solely as a convenience to this website. The provision of such links does not constitute an endorsement by ASU of the linked websites, and ASU is in no way responsible for the content and/or operation of such websites. Unless otherwise stated, the information on this website does not change or affect the policies, regulations or rules of ASU or the Council of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Our mission is to support and protect Baruch College, its faculty, staff, and students from negative legal, compliance, and financial consequences. The Office of Legal Affairs exists to meet the legal needs of the University, its departments, departments, affiliated institutions and staff (while acting within the framework and within the framework of their employment). Our mission is to educate the university community on the laws and regulations that apply to the operation of the university in order to minimize legal risks and costs, reduce litigation and ensure regulatory compliance, all in an efficient, reliable and professional manner.

Welcome to the website of the Office of Legal Affairs. Reporting directly to the Office of the President, the Office of Legal Affairs supports the mission of Albany State University by providing timely, accurate, and concise legal advice on a wide range of matters of legal importance to the institution. The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) is to work with integrity, reason and legal knowledge to provide, manage and coordinate legal services at the University. In service of the interests of the University, the Office of Legal Affairs strives to increase awareness and compliance with federal and state laws, regulatory standards, Board of Regents guidelines, and institutional policies that guide the operation of Albany State University. The Office of Legal Affairs acts as a liaison between the institution and the legal staff of the Board of Regents. and the Prosecutor General`s Office of Georgia.