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What Is Family Law in Nigeria

Retired Justice Mary Peter – Odili, who wrote the foreword, described the work as groundbreaking and a masterpiece. She said: “This is a great masterpiece that will also enrich the already intellectual, while this is an academic teaching project for students. The language is simple and easy to understand, even by those who have nothing to do with the law, and therefore an added advantage, as it would allow all people to know their left to right when it comes to family law. There is a Family Conflicts and Obligations Act. Family law, as it is called, focuses on family relationship issues such as marriage, rights, duties, adoption, divorce, custody, paternity, emancipation, marital property, alimony, marriage contract, foster care, and reproductive rights. 12. See Action for Justice Nigeria; Available at nigeria.action4justice.org/legal_areas/womens-rights-focusing-on-marriage-rights/child-custody-and-property-rights-in-marriage/ Retrieved 28 June 2022. Chapter 17 focuses on the family court and the two divisions of the court, while Chapter 18 deals with wills. In Nigeria, family law has not yet evolved to effectively cover cases such as surrogacy, marriage, child and child marriage. Marriage is a common type of family law. A marriage is a contractual arrangement and it is legally binding.

In asset division matters, we are international divorce lawyers and family law lawyers, advising clients who reside in the UK but come from Nigeria or who live outside the UK but have a connection to England or Wales. “Custody of any natural child follows that of the mother when no one claims custody of the child on the basis that he or she is the biological father. See Ben Enwonwu/Spira (op. cit.) p. 223. This must be the case, because the child must belong to a family and not be left homeless for a situation he or she did not create. According to the authors, Prof. Agu Gab Agu and Prof. (Assoc) Adakole Odike, “What inspired us to write this book of this kind is our desire to expand knowledge in this area of law.

Fortunately, our considerable number of years of experience as a professor of family law at Nigerian universities has helped us. The family and its components such as meaning and types are discussed in the first chapter. Thus, as an issue, the book moves to divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. Often this could become complex and chaotic. Couples often argue over how to divide real estate, assets, and debts, leading to misunderstandings and disputes. An understanding of family law becomes necessary to solve such problems. With the help of a family law lawyer, the terms are negotiated by law and the divorce is successfully filed. Of course, the law remains controversial and generates strong emotions regarding family structure, gender bias and morality. However, the book “Modern Nigeria Family Law” tends to fill the gap in terms of knowledge about family law or lack thereof. When choosing a family law lawyer, first and foremost choose other factors such as research, cost, recommendations, and reviews from a lawyer you are compatible with and trust. A lawyer who listens and takes what you say seriously. Make sure this is right for you when choosing a lawyer.

Having determined that the primary consideration in awarding custody of a child is the welfare and best interests of that child, the next step in our investigation is: “What is the best interests of the child that the court must consider when ordering custody?” There is no hard and fast rule about what constitutes the best interests of the child, as much depends on the circumstances of each case. In Williams v. Williams,14 Justice Karibi-Whyte (then Chief Justice) noted: 1. Prompt justice and the earliest possible resolution of family matters; The retired Supreme Court justice went on to say that the icing on the cake is “judicial decisions that show what is on the ground and areas for improvement in our jurisprudence regarding family law and related relationships or connections to other legal angles, including the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. This is another branch of family law; A paternity test is performed by a DNA test. In most cases, paternity complaints are filed to prove paternity of the child in order to obtain financial support from an absent father. Fathers also ask for paternity tests to have a relationship with their children. A family lawyer helps negotiate the amount of child support a mother receives in the case of child support The adoption process is rigorous and complex. Whether a couple is adopting or a stepparent is trying to adapt their stepson, an adoption-based family advocate is needed to help couples navigate and complete all the proper adoption processes, making it stress-free for parents. Family courts, as postulated by Britannica, are created by special laws that define the types of cases they are supposed to handle. such as cases related to guardianship, child neglect, juvenile delinquency, paternity, alimony or family offences (i.e. misconduct or minor assault between spouses).

Nigerian family law is a branch of law that deals with family matters. It can mainly be divided into three aspects: marriage, child custody and financial arrangements. Common cases dealt with among these are marriage, divorce, adoption, custody and bankruptcy. The right thing to do here is to focus on what is best for the children, if there is no agreement, the case will be taken to court and the judge will decide for you. Nigeria`s family law dates back to colonial times. It was adopted from the English legal system, which forms the basis of rules and regulations. Family law stems from family law is broad and covers all family-related matters. The need for a family lawyer cannot be overstated, although family law covers different aspects, most lawyers specialize in one or two areas. Because of the sensitivity of family issues, find a lawyer who specializes in your field to get a better and desired outcome. Divided into 18 chapters, it is a scholarly study and comprehensive research book that addresses virtually every component of Nigerian family law. According to the authors: “The book revives knowledge of the fundamental principles of our family law jurisprudence; While comparing the same current family laws from other common law countries such as the UK, Australia and New Zealand, etc., family law lawyers handle a range of cases, but some might specialize in divorce, child, etc.

Nigerian family law exists to guide and protect the rights of family members in disputes and disputes. Although a family is blood united and has strong emotional ties, sensitive issues such as divorce and division of property can lead to complications, so a family law lawyer is necessary. Family lawyers will guide and identify other ways to resolve disputes outside of court, discuss, negotiate, draft and formalize agreements. If this does not work and the matter goes to court, the family lawyer will: Because the family is the smallest unit in a society, family law serves as a guideline for maintaining peace and order in society. The law is there to protect the rights of individuals in a family. In cases of extreme violence and litigation, the services of a family law lawyer are consulted. A family lawyer will try to resolve disputes in accordance with the law before they are even brought to court. A family law lawyer is someone who specializes in family law and has a wide range of skills to solve a family`s problems. 4. Resolve the family issue in a short period of time. The judge considers factors such as the parents` age, needs and financial possibilities when making decisions.

It is recommended that you hire a good family law lawyer who specializes in child custody to help you argue your case in court.