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What Is Included in a Business Case

But what is a business case and why do you need it when a business plan outlines everything else? For projects within small organizations, it can be obvious that the project aligns with a company`s strategic goals. For example, a business case for an EFTPOS machine in a restaurant allows customers to pay for their groceries, so it is directly correlated with the company`s cash flow. However, for large organizations, the alignment between a particular project and business goals may not be as clear. This example of a business case justifies investing to launch a product or service in a highly competitive market. After some focus group testing, P&G found that few consumers recognized the unpleasant odors they were used to. Instead, they learned to use a different business case for Febreze: it was now a cleaning product, a way to make home feel when floors are vacuumed and countertops are cleaned. They gave it its own pleasant smell and molded it into a cleaning product. And because it worked so well, so did the campaign. To present the best possible business case, describe the business problem to be solved, describe the scope of what you want to achieve, and describe the benefits and risks.

Explain how a particular process, if successful, would contribute positively to the entire company. This is a very important part of your business case because here you explain how the financial benefits outweigh the costs. Compare the financial costs and benefits of your project. You can do this by performing a sensitivity analysis and a cost-benefit analysis. The Financial Analysis section of your business plan is crucial to show that the project is affordable for the business, that it can be financed, and that it offers both short- and long-term financial value. Business cases can be difficult to make. It takes many different skills – writing, presentation, budget management, even sales skills – to create a strong case for the project, its scope, benefits, and the funds allocated to it. Learn more. A business case describes a significant investment for your business. Similarly, simply writing a business case is a significant investment of your time. Not all initiatives are right for your business, so be sure to review your work with stakeholders.

They do not want to spend hours and weeks on this document, only to have it immediately rejected by the executives. The business case is the next logical step after the economic case. When you look at a project from this perspective, you show that you can find suppliers (or internal resources) and that you can do it fairly and cost-effectively. = Business cases are important business documents and require a detailed structure to ensure they are working as they should. Including the sections described above will give you the best chance of building a successful business case. Confirm the recommended option. Create case documents and submit case recommendations to the Board of Directors and management team for approval. In the risk section of your business case, state the following: Business cases have a significant impact on organizations. They help guide everything from small decisions to those that change the course of organizations forever. Learning how to create best practice business cases can help you be effective and efficient as you prepare them for the future.

Create the preferred option implementation plan and describe how business objectives will be achieved, what resources will be required, who will be responsible for each milestone, and how project risks can be mitigated. All comparable alternatives on the market. When writing a business case to present a new product or a new angle to the market, evaluate everything that already exists. Could the alternative have an impact on your financial score or the success of your project? It combines the evaluation of the investment with evidence of how the investment should lead to the achievement of the expected benefits. All projects must have a business case that demonstrates the value of the work and is described during the design phase of the life cycle. Again, using a project management tool improves your ability to see what`s going on in your project. ProjectManager has tracking tools, such as dashboards and status reports, that give you a high-level view or more detail. Unlike sleek apps that require you to set up a dashboard, ours is built into the tool. Best of all, our cloud-based software provides you with real-time data for more insightful decision-making. Plus, you get reports on more than status updates, but also on timesheets, workload, portfolio status, and more with just one click.

Then, filter the reports and share them with stakeholders to keep them up to date. The business case should be prepared early in the project before a decision has been made to launch it. It allows the organization to explore general options to meet business needs. This may include an assessment of comparable projects. A business plan is a simple document. This includes market research, your overall goals for the business, and your strategies for achieving those goals. A business case document should explain the following: Now, look at the business case as your opportunity to package your project, idea, opportunity and show what it means, what the benefits are, and how others can benefit from it. Three types of business cases are developed for high-risk, high-value projects: Your business case should not only contain important facts and figures, but also explain why pursuing a particular investment or initiative is a good idea for your business. When in doubt, avoid jargon and be brief – but always focus on communicating the value of the project. If you`re developing a business case for the first time, don`t worry.

Follow these five steps to create a solid one. A business case captures the reasons for launching a project or task. It is often presented in a well-structured written document, but can also take the form of a short oral agreement or presentation. The logic of the business case is that whenever resources such as money or effort are consumed, they should be used to meet a specific business need. An example could be that a software upgrade could improve system performance, but the business case is that better performance would improve customer satisfaction, require less task processing time, or reduce system maintenance costs. A compelling business case adequately captures the quantifiable and non-quantifiable characteristics of a proposed project. The Australian Healthcare Safety and Quality Commission provides a robust model for healthcare business cases (and general analyses). • How the business or joint venture will grow and achieve the expected growth. So how do you write a high-quality business case with recommendations that stand out? They know the evidence and recommendations that management wants to support, accept and approve.

Think of your business case as a sales pitch with robust analysis and justification. The business case is one of the most powerful decision-making tools available to the organization`s leadership team.